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More Ways Than One—the Mystic Spiral (BBC)—Jill Purce

BBC Two England, 29 December 1974 A BBC documentary about the early pioneering work of Jill Purce on the spiral, showing her interdisciplinary explorations into nature, consciousness, science, art and religion.

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Sound, Pattern, and Transformation

Jill Purce discusses the relationship between sound, form, pattern and creativity, and our rotational, spiral and sonorous journey; her work with the German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen; the creative and healing power of the voice; and the importance of the voice as a means to community, oneness...

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Sound and Healing

Jill Purce discusses the vibratory universe, sound as a bridge between the worlds, how voice is used as a spiritual practice and its connection with the nature of mind itself; voice as a sonorous yoga of presence; the nature of mantra and resonant fields; her groundbreaking work with Alzheimer's...

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