Self-development is the process of developing or strengthening aspects of yourself in order to become the best possible version of you. We all seek to better ourselves as we go through life, and there are as many paths toward this goal as there are people on this planet. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.


The Eight Limbs of Yogic Meditation - Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

All forms of Yogic Meditation practiced today are based on the Yoga Sutras -- a Sanskrit scripture by the ancient Indian sage, Patanjali. This famous text prescribes a sequence of eight specific practices, ending with samadhi, to reach the ultimate goal of spiritual life.


How Rich Roll Uses Meditation to Run and Run and Run

This ultra-athlete makes 320-mile races feel a little easier with Headspace. Learn to meditate in ten minutes a day with the Headspace app.


Bradshaw on Bradshaw - Remembering John

HoustonPBS' Ernie Manouse sits down with renowned author and counselor John Bradshaw (1933 - 2016), to discuss his life and work - from the dysfunctional family, to the wounded inner-child.


The Radiance Sutras With Lorin Roche & Deepak Chopra, MD

Discussion of The Radiance Sutras With Lorin Roche & Deepak Chopra, MD


Lorin Roche - The Radiance Sutras

Join Lorin Roche has he discusses the experiences in his spiritual practice that have been enriched by a lifetime relationship with the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra.


Wisdom and Compassion in Business | Scott Shute

From the 2018 New Leader Summit brought to you by Wisdom 2.0 and LinkedIn, Scott Shute speaks on mindfulness in the workplace.


Sacred Sundays with Lorin Roche & Camille Maurine: The Radiance Sutras

Sacred Sundays is a monthly consciousness-raising salon featuring some of today's leaders in self-help, healing, meditation, and modern spirituality. The event is hosted by mindfulness meditation teacher and Author Ora Nadrich.


Lorin Roche's First Meditation

Lorin shares his first experience of meditation which took place during an experiment at the University of California. There, sitting quietly in complete darkness, a level of relaxation emerged that was unlike anything he’d experienced before.


Reggie Ray - "We Have to Look at Our Whole Life..."

Reggie Ray speaks about how you have to evaluate your lifestyle and make changes if necessary to feel the full effects of a regular meditation practice.


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