Self-development is the process of developing or strengthening aspects of yourself in order to become the best possible version of you. We all seek to better ourselves as we go through life, and there are as many paths toward this goal as there are people on this planet. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.


Osho: You Can Become Extraordinary

“The very processes of becoming and being ordinary are absolutely diametrically opposite to each other. You are where you are trying to reach. There is nowhere to go. You have not to become anybody. This very moment you are what existence wanted you to be. Don't miss it. Enjoy it.”


Adyashanti & Loch Kelly - the Journey After Awakening

Awakening to our true nature does not mark the end of the spiritual path-it's just the beginning. In this intimate and compelling dialogue, Adyashanti and Loch Kelly explore the journey after awakening.


Mark Nepo: The Two Ways Anyone Can Grow as a Human Being | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network

Poet and best-selling author says there are many ways to grow as human beings, but there are only two universal experiences: Either we are broken open or we willfully shed what isn't working in our lives. Watch as Mark explains what sacrifice means and how to find what's truly sacred in life.


John Bradshaw on Moral Intelligence Living Smart With Patricia Gras

Author, counselor, theologian and lecturer John Bradshaw discusses his newest book, Reclaiming Virtue, the definition of virtue and how to live life with moral intelligence.


John Bradshaw - Homecoming - Pt2

Here is the second of a few excerpts from Bradshaw On: Homecoming...Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child.


Bradshaw on Bradshaw - Remembering John

HoustonPBS' Ernie Manouse sits down with renowned author and counselor John Bradshaw (1933 - 2016), to discuss his life and work - from the dysfunctional family, to the wounded inner-child.


Bradshaw On: The Eight Stages of Man (1982) E8: All Unwisdom Wise.

Episode Eight: All Unwisdom Wise. Psychologist/Theologian John Bradshaw traces human life through eight stages of psychosocial development (based on the works of Erik Erikson) focusing on the ego needs and strengths of each stage.


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