Self-discovery is a lifelong process of acquiring insight into oneself, consciously developing self-awareness and personal capabilities that allow us to live at deeper, richer levels of our being. It involves looking closely at our capacities, constraints, and potential in contrast to our (and others’) assumptions and expectations of ourselves, and it is often initiated by life changes that impact our sense of identity, such as the loss of a relationship or job.


How to Design Your Destiny

This is Brendon filmed in a single take and unscripted, just ranting about life without notes or a prompter.


Mindset Expert Reveals the Secret to Solving Any Problem with Peter Crone

Today, I welcome Peter Crone, aka ‘The Mind Architect’ back to the podcast. This conversation has even more anecdotes that will help you apply Peter’s philosophy into your life. This is a really powerful conversation and I hope it helps you to find more freedom in your life.


Make Your Dreams Happen (One Coffee Can at a Time) | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network

Elizabeth Gilbert's memoir Eat, Pray, Love chronicles the journey of self-discovery she took through Italy, India and Bali after her divorce.


30-Day Challenge: How to Discover Your Core Values

For 30 days: 1. No scrolling. Minimise tv and social media and read instead. 2. Up early every day. Do your physical and written work as described. 3. Write values/goals/emo lit exercise (10 mins minimum) 4. Meditation. Here is a short guided meditation from me.