Self-discovery is a lifelong process of acquiring insight into oneself, consciously developing self-awareness and personal capabilities that allow us to live at deeper, richer levels of our being. It involves looking closely at our capacities, constraints, and potential in contrast to our (and others’) assumptions and expectations of ourselves, and it is often initiated by life changes that impact our sense of identity, such as the loss of a relationship or job.


J. Krishnamurti in Conversation with David Bohm: Is There an Action Not Touched by Thought?

Q: What is the future of man? All the problems that humanity has now, psychologically and in other ways, are the result of thought. We are pursuing the same pattern of thought, and thought will never solve any of these problems. The whole structure of the me is put together by thought.


Jean Houston on “Electing Yourself”


The Real Reason Why DMT Is Banned


Mindset Expert Reveals the Secret to Solving Any Problem with Peter Crone

Today, I welcome Peter Crone, aka ‘The Mind Architect’ back to the podcast. This conversation has even more anecdotes that will help you apply Peter’s philosophy into your life. This is a really powerful conversation and I hope it helps you to find more freedom in your life.


Altered States Conference—Navigating Uncertainty by Jean Houston

There’s no doubt about it. Traditional expectations have dissolved in these volatile times of rapidly shifting realities.


Ralph Metzner Talks About LSD at Millbrook

Ralph Metzner, circa 1966, discussing the use of yoga to integrate the LSD experience into normal life.


Dr. Joe Dispenza—Learn How to Reprogram Your Mind

Neuroscientist and meditation expert Dr. Joe Dispenza explains how to reprogram your mind.


From Failure to Success - Most Incredible Story - Rich Roll


Rich Roll: How to Live an Ultra Life Part 1/2 | London Real

Rich Roll is the American author, public speaker, plant-based nutrition advocate, and vegan ultra-endurance athlete, who Men’s Health named as one of the “25 Fittest Men in the World.


Human Potential Is Infinite: A.H. Almaas

At his SAND18 appearance A.H. Almaas talks about the importance and mystery of being human, and of the great opportunity and potential of human beings.