Self-expression is a powerful set of behaviors and choices that signal our unique perspective to those around us. These cues come from not just what we say, but how we say it; not just from how we dress, but how we move through social spaces. Intentionally fostering our self-expression is an active practice of identity and can be extremely empowering. However, even if we live in a culture that says it values self-expression, there are a thousand ways in which we are subtly discouraged from deviating too far from what is expected. Learning to become confident in expressing ourselves can take practice and support. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.


Martha Beck on Being Who We Are


How to Be Confident

The fastest route to confidence is to stop being so attached to one’s dignity and seriousness; and plainly admit that one is – of course – an idiot. We all are. For gifts and more from The School of Life


How I Became Confident | Russell Brand

Do you ever suffer from a lack of confidence? Why?


How to Have More Confidence

In this episode of The Charged Life, Brendon shares five ideas to have more confidence in life. The key takeaway is that how to feel confident is not a mystery - it's a decision.


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A Live Webcast with don Miguel Ruiz and HeatherAsh Amara, January 16, 2011


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How to Create Radiant Self-Confidence

Confidence is really your ability to access empowerment in all areas of your life. It’s the opposite of victimhood, and that’s why it’s so liberating. Empowerment doesn’t come from others, it comes from within, and confidence is the same.


Imagination and Creativity