Some people recoil at the idea of self-love, mixing it up with narcissism and indulgence in oneself. Self-love means caring for and appreciating yourself, paying close attention to your own spiritual growth, health, happiness, needs, and support systems, while simultaneously noticing patterns of behavior that might be detrimental to yourself. It means challenging yourself in healthy ways and not being judgmental of yourself, but rather being understanding, helpful, and discerning. Self-love is a daily practice, and one that benefits us in the broader world by helping us build healthy relationships, strong connections, clear boundaries, confidence, empathy, and awareness.


Empowerment Coach Reveals How to Stop Self-Rejection and Develop Self-Confidence—Roxy Saffaie

Is your greatest enemy, or bully, in life actually yourself? Do you put yourself down, tell yourself, “You can’t do it,” or shut down your own dreams before even giving them a try? On this episode of Women of Impact, empowerment coach, podcast host, writer, and athlete Roxy Saffaie joins Lisa ...


Dear Black Women, Let’s Talk About Healing - Angela Bowden - TEDxMSVUWomen

Beginning with a powerful poem, Angela talks about the power of acknowledging and healing from the “strength and resilience trauma” that black women normalize and carry, Realizing the black woman's burden and healing our caregivers and youth. Angela Bowden is a writer, speaker and activist.


Black Trans Female Empowerment - Mila Jam - TEDxPrincetonWomen

Lessons in radical self love & unapologetic existence for women: black, Trans, femme and beyond. A path to owning your identity, purpose and presence.