Some people recoil at the idea of self-love, mixing it up with narcissism and indulgence in oneself. Self-love means caring for and appreciating yourself, paying close attention to your own spiritual growth, health, happiness, needs, and support systems, while simultaneously noticing patterns of behavior that might be detrimental to yourself. It means challenging yourself in healthy ways and not being judgmental of yourself, but rather being understanding, helpful, and discerning. Self-love is a daily practice, and one that benefits us in the broader world by helping us build healthy relationships, strong connections, clear boundaries, confidence, empathy, and awareness.

You Are The Message

Are you delivering love and truth?Always remember, you are the force that’s creating everything in existence. You are the force that opens a flower and moves the clouds, and the earth, and the stars, and the galaxies.

Cultivating Compassion

How to love yourself and others.

The Power of Real Love: A Conversation with Sharon Salzberg and bell hooks

How do we bring more love into our lives? Sharon Salzberg and bell hooks sat down with Lion’s Roar’s Melvin McLeod for a special discussion on love in celebration of Salzberg’s book, Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection.

The Practice of Love

For many of us, opening our hearts to ourselves may be the hardest part of the path. John Welwood on how and why meditation helped him do it—unconditionally.