Self-Mastery Skills

What vision do we set for ourselves? What way do we want to be? Self-mastery describes the process, the daily journey, of examining and working on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our lives in order to realize that ever-evolving vision.


4 Steps to Break a Habit | Dr. Judson Brewer

Dr. Judson Brewer explains 4 steps to break a habit. Dr. Judson Brewer, MD, Ph D, neuroscientist, author, psychiatrists explains how to be mindful.Dr. Brewer is author of "The Subtle Mind" 1. R: Recognize 2. A: Acceptance 3. I: Investigate 4. N: Note


Stoicism | How Epictetus Keeps Calm

The works of Epictetus reveal the importance of tranquility, and that we should value this over lesser things like money, reputation, and even the body.


Rewire Your Anxious Brain: 3 Simple Neuroplasticity Exercises For Anxiety

Rewire The Anxious Brain - Neuroplasticity Exercises For Anxiety - Rewiring The Anxious Brain


Brain Tips for Deep Calm: Talk with Rick Hanson

In this talk from Dr. Rick Hanson for his Wednesday Night Meditation Talk series on Brain Tips for Deep Calm.