Self-Mastery Skills

What vision do we set for ourselves? What way do we want to be? Self-mastery describes the process, the daily journey, of examining and working on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our lives in order to realize that ever-evolving vision.

Wim Hof: The Man and the Method

Your breathing rate and pattern is a process within the autonomic nervous system that you can control to some extent to achieve different results.

Discipline, Routine and Focus Can Create an Amazing Life: Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty on his latest book, his experiences living as a monk in India and the necessity of routine in one’s life.

Fasting for Spiritual Strength

In the case of spirituality, fasting is used to help people strengthen their connection with God, open up their Chakras, or to connect with the universe.

Can Breathing Like Wim Hof Make Us Superhuman?

Wim Hof has run marathons barefoot and shirtless above the Arctic Circle, dove under the ice at the North Pole and languished in ice baths for north of 90 minutes—all feats that he attributes to a special kind of breathing practice.

Who Is the Iceman?

Wim Hof claims that a combination of cold exposure, meditation, and breathing techniques can strengthen your inner nature and prevent disease.

Epigenetics—The Research of Dr. Bruce Lipton: Do Our Beliefs Affect Our Health?

Did you know the thoughts you think have a direct impact on your health? Thanks to the research of Dr. Bruce Lipton, several successful studies now prove this phenomenon.