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Ralph Metzner — Crazywise Expert Interview

Ralph Metzner, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and author, talks about the possibility that someone dealing with psychosis or schizophrenia could just be having a normal reaction to a schizophrenic society.

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Ralph Metzner: CG Jung, Albert Hofmann, and the Philosophers’ Stone (at the Seattle Jung Society)

Shamanism, yoga and alchemy are historically the three great traditions of transformation - physical, psychological and spiritual - with shamanism, yoga and alchemy the Eastern and Western extensions.

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Uses of Psychedelics in Shamanism and Psychotherapy—Ralph Metzner

Ralph Metzner will describe and compare the use of ayahuasca in Amazonian shamanic healing practices and contemporary contexts, the use of Psilocybe mushrooms in historical indigenous Mesoamerican culture for vision seeking and their contemporary applications (as psilocybin) in pre-death...

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Shamanic Healing