Social Justice

Social justice means equal rights and equal opportunities for each member of society, and it especially pertains to those in greatest need. The concept serves as an equalizing lens through which we can evaluate, change, and reinvigorate all of our social systems and structures to serve everyone in a fair, balanced, and equitable way. Social justice applies to how land and water are distributed and used; to who has access to education, jobs, health care, political office, housing, and legal support; to how people are talked to and treated in social spaces; and much more.


Why I Protest

The deaths of young African Americans at the hands of police have escalated the conversation about racial discrimination in this country. The Rev.


MLK Talks 'New Phase' of Civil Rights Struggle, 11 Months Before His Assassination | NBC News

In 1967, at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, Martin Luther King spoke with NBC News' Sander Vanocur about the "new phase" of the struggle for "genuine equality."


President Nelson Mandela Inauguration Speech May 10, 1994


Arundhati Roy: The Doctor and the Saint

The Annihilation of Caste is one of the most important – and still most controversial – works of Indian political writing. Completed in 1936, the book is an audacious denunciation of Hinduism and the caste system that infuriated Gandhi yet has remained a rallying cry for 60 years.


Sikhs One Year Later: Valarie Kaur Extended Interview

Watch our story about how the shooting at a Sikh gurdwara in Oak Creek, Wisconsin brought Sikhs and people of other faiths together to work for lasting social change.


Rev. Traci Blackmon: Families Belong Together Rally

"We must always remember, that this is not as much about safe immigration policy as it is about separatist ideology." –Rev. Traci Blackmon In America, we must not be about tearing small children from the arms of their mothers and separating them from their families.


Ta-Nehisi Coates: Trump Is The First White President

'We Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy' author Ta-Nehisi Coates has his own definition of 'whiteness' and it has nothing to do with one's race.


James Baldwin: Interview—(Florida Forum, Miami, 1963)

Author James Baldwin taped a candid and fascinating studio interview at WCKT - Miami in 1963. Featured in this edition of the long running program, "Florida Forum": questions by an in-studio audience and a panel of local journalists.


2014 Ucl Lancet Lecture by Arundhati Roy - the Half-Life of Caste: The Ill-Health of a Nation

In this lecture she speaks about the practice of caste in India and how it received support from many of those who lead India's struggle for Independence including Mahatma Gandhi. She argues that caste has been modernised and entrenched by democracy in India.


Just Belonging: Finding the Courage to Interrupt Bias - Kori Carew - TEDxYouth@KC

A moment of racial tension presents a choice. Will we be silent about implicit and unconscious bias, or will we interrupt bias for ourselves and others? Justice, belonging, and community are at stake.


Racial Justice