Social Responsibility

Social responsibility speaks to what we owe to the community at large on the individual and corporate level. It is often used in the context of what ethical expectations a community ought to have both of its citizens and its businesses and other institutions in order to maintain a balance between the economy, the environment, and individuals’ well-being.


Lucille Clifton & Sonia Sanchez: Mirrors & Windows

Clifton & Sanchez - Mirrors & Windows 10/24/2001 at The New School, New York, NY. Moderated by Eisa Davis.


2021 Distinguished Lecturer Adrienne Maree Brown

A major university and community event, the annual Distinguished Lecturer program brings to campus a prominent humanities scholar whose work highlights the importance of humanities research.


Arianna Huffington’s Top 10 Rules for Success

1. Embrace failure. 2. Bring joy to your life. 3. Do the right thing. 4. Unplug, and recharge. 5. Dare to live your life. 6. Practice death daily. 7. Don't hold grudges. 8. Prioritize sleep. 9. Nurture your creativity. 10. Redefine success. She was born in Athens, Greece.


Bob Dylan Is 50 Today - ABC News - May 24, 1991

Bob Dylan's life and influence on music, culture and society. Includes interviews with Dylan from 1991.


Social Justice