Social Responsibility

Social responsibility speaks to what we owe to the community at large on the individual and corporate level. It is often used in the context of what ethical expectations a community ought to have both of its citizens and its businesses and other institutions in order to maintain a balance between the economy, the environment, and individuals’ well-being.

Your Liberation Is on the Line

“No one who has ever touched liberation could possibly want anything other than liberation for everyone,” says Rev. angel Kyodo williams. She shares why we must each fully commit to our own path to liberation, for the benefit of all.

Denial Is the Heartbeat of America

When have Americans been willing to admit who we are?

What We Owe to Others: Simone Weil’s Radical Reminder

She believed we have obligations to attend to our fellow humans. How could that spirit change our politics?

Pope Francis Declares 'Climate Emergency' and Urges Action

Pope Francis has declared a global “climate emergency”, warning of the dangers of global heating and that a failure to act urgently to reduce greenhouse gases would be “a brutal act of injustice toward the poor and future generations”

The connection between diversity, inclusion and corporate responsibility

With the #MeToo movement and the many, often painful episodes of racial friction, we are reaching a new public consciousness and consensus around the need to understand each other’s perspectives.

'There Is Not Some Separation Between Jesus and Justice.' How Rev. William J. Barber II Uses His Faith to Fight for the Poor

Barber’s newsmaking actions were founded on the idea that being a person of faith means fighting for justice.

Cornel West Reconsiders President Obama

Professor Cornel West confesses that he's having second thoughts about President Obama. West is also concerned about the lack of love and respect he sees between people, particularly where race is concerned.

Life’s Work: An Interview with Megan Rapinoe

The bold and brash captain of the U.S. women’s soccer team cemented her place in sports history with an MVP performance in last year’s World Cup, including spot-on penalty kicks under pressure, even as President Donald Trump tweeted criticisms of her.

Naomi Osaka Named Laureus Sportswoman of the Year as Lewis Hamilton's Social Justice Work is Recognized

The 23-year-old was named Laureus Sportswoman of the Year for 2021 after winning her second US Open title, but it wasn't just her success on the court that contributed to her claiming the accolade.

Naomi Osaka : “I Hope it’s an Inspiration to a Young Girl with Big Dreams to Know that Anything is Possible”

Osaka recognises that, as a female athlete of the highest level, she is a positive role model for the next generation.


Social Justice