Soul Mission

Some believe that we were all intentionally created or given life at this time and place for a particular purpose; the search for this purpose and what we are meant to do here on Earth in this lifetime is sometimes called our “Soul Mission” (or “Soul Purpose”). This is in contrast to those who believe life is random, or that we are in charge of creating our own purpose as we live. Some people find the idea of a Soul Mission to be a reassuring guidepost to align all their efforts and goals to; others feel a great deal of anxiety and confusion around trying to identify their Soul Mission, and discover that letting go of the idea a freeing and empowering choice. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.

What Is Your Soul Purpose

Inside every one of us is a drop of the Divine. Our soul mission is to learn about the Divinity within us and to grow it.

Manifest Your Divine Soul Purpose

If you are feeling uninspired, disconnected from your divine soul purpose, it is possible to reconnect by using meditation, prayer and creating a sacred intention to reconnect with your inner being.

Passion and Your Divine Soul Mission: 7 Traps You Can Fall into When You Confuse the Two.

Before we talk about the traps you can fall into when you confuse your passion with your Divine Soul mission, here’s a quick reminder about the difference between your Divine Soul mission and Divine Soul purpose.


It is one of the greatest illusions we live under that the human spirit and the Soul are one and the same thing and that these bodies of light exist in some far off ethereal realm far removed from our day to day living.


Search for Purpose