Spiritual Awakening

The term “spiritual awakening” has a somewhat disputed meaning: some say it means having an experience of the oneness of all things, while others believe it means encountering the Divine, and still others equate it to the first experiences of getting in touch with our own sense of divine spirit or energy, often in the midst of loss or difficulty. Whatever the definition, there is a common theme of redefining a person’s identity in relation to the world around them, with a definite transcendent quality to the experience. You can have multiple experiences of spiritual awakening, each sparking further movement along the path toward enlightenment.


98% of People SPEND TIME Doing Things That Don't MATTER! - Neale Donald Walsch - Top 10 Rules

Today's lessons from a man who went from surviving a car accident that left him with a broken neck, living alone in a tent and recycling cans in order to eat, to working his way out of homelessness, writing the Conversations With God series, and publishing 29 books! He's Neale Donald Walsch and here...


You Already Know What You Need To Know

When we tap into our intuition and connection to the universe, we find that we have access to the answers we seek. In this video, Neale Donald Walsch reminds us that we already know all that we need to know.


Barbara Marx Hubbard - Awakening the New Species in You

This is the moment I have been born for. I have spoken throughout the years that Our Crisis is Birth, before there was a crisis or a birth! Now there are both simultaneously. This has encouraged me to offer for the first time a genuine EVOLUTIONARY JOURNEY to the world.