Spiritual Development

Spiritual development is our ongoing process of inner awakening. It is our opportunity to become more resonant with our inner sense of self that goes beyond our everyday existence, of connecting with some universal truths that resonate for us. It means going beyond our mind and our ego and discovering a deeper sense of who we really are. Spiritual development is the ongoing journey of realizing new possibilities: possibilities within ourselves, possibilities created through our connection with others, and possibilities the universe holds for us that we cannot yet see. Spiritual development helps us find our identity, meaning, and purpose. It is ongoing and personal.

Life After Awakening, with Adyashanti

More and more people are waking up spiritually. And for many of them, the question becomes: Now what?

Awakening the Divine Experience

In pursuit of your spiritual growth, you cultivate your highest and most noble character. Everyday you strive to be your best self, to be of loving service, and learn everything you can about the spiritual life. These are the hallmarks of an evolving soul.

Spiritual Development and Nervous Diseases

This article is the transcript of a lecture delivered Dr. Assagioli at the Third Summer Session of the International Centre of Spiritual Research at Ascona, Switzerland, in August 1932.

Rabbi Rami Shapiro How Do I Keep My New Year’s Resolutions?

Add this resolution to your list: I resolve to break all of my New Year’s resolutions. This way, if you break all the others, you will have kept this one. And if you break this one you will have kept the rest. You can’t lose.

The World Needs Motherhood

Why the awakening of women & qualities of compassion, patience and selflessness are essential for peace and prosperity.


Spiritual Growth