Spiritual Quest

A spiritual quest is a conscious searching to find answers to questions like: What is the meaning of life? How do I discover my true and best self? Why do we exist? Is there life after death? How do I attain happiness/enlightenment/wisdom? The drive comes from within and the quest may cross spiritual traditions and religions. Everyone has moments or periods of spiritual questing, but some people make it their lifelong purpose and study. These people often become mentors and guides for others, offering teachings and practices they have benefited from on their own journeys.

The New Man

The New Man shows Thomas Merton at the height of his powers and has as its theme the question of spiritual identity.

Running from Safety: An Adventure of the Spirit

A half-mile up, suspended by nylon wings and the promise of good lift, life hangs on a pledge. Richard Bach made that pledge, fifty years before, to return to the frightened child he used to be and teach him everything he had learned from living.

A Passion for the Possible: A Guide to Realizing Your True Potential

Discover your own extraordinary gifts and live every day with passion Now you can explore and expand your own unique possibilities on all four levels of your being--the physical, psychological, symbolic, and spiritual—using the practical and creative tools in this remarkable guide.

The Alchemist: A Fable About Following Your Dream (25th Anniversary Edition)

A special 25th anniversary edition of Paulo Coehlo’s extraordinary international bestselling phenomenon—the inspiring spiritual tale of self-discovery that has touched millions of lives around the world.

Warrior of the Light: A Manual

Warrior of the light: a manual is an inspirational companion to The Alchemist, an international bestseller that has beguiled millions of readers around the world.

Taking Flight: A Book of Story Meditations

In the tradition of his bestselling Song of the Bird, de Mello has written these story meditations as stepping stones toward a spiritual life based on self-knowledge and understanding.


Finding ourselves is like flying an ancient biplane coast to coast: there are storms ahead, but once we've started, it's too late to turn back. To discover that time is not a straight line aimed toward infinity, Richard Bach undertook a magnificent journey.

I Am That

This collection of the timeless teachings of one of the greatest sages of India, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, is a testament to the uniqueness of the seer’s life and work and is regarded by many as a modern spiritual classic.

The Power of Letting Go

The Power of Letting Go brings together a number of key principles that come up for anyone who is on the journey of self-enquiry and development. At some point, the choice becomes clear, whether to hold on or let go.


Finding Meaning