As the Buddha famously said, life is suffering. Different religious and philosophical traditions have long debated about whether suffering is inevitable or necessary to the human experience and how to best reduce, avoid, or endure the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual distress encountered in day-to-day life. As such, there is a wealth of information available from both psychological and spiritual sources on how to handle the experience of suffering. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.


Adyashanti - Allowing Everything to Be as It Is

Is it possible to “allow everything to be as it is,” even when you are in the midst of suffering? Adyashanti discusses this foundational teaching and how it is often overlooked because it sounds so simple.


How Do I Process Old Pain?

Kim explains that processing past suffering takes quite a lot of strength. As such, it is OK to be exhausted while going through that process. The best way to approach this essential work is to allow oneself the time and space to really go into it and feel whatever one needs to feel.


What Cancer Taught Poet Mark Nepo | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network

After three years, two cycles of cancer and an aggressive series of chemotherapy, poet Mark Nepo's body was weak and broken. Still, he could feel his spirit growing stronger, his perspective shifting and his heart opening wider.