Sustainability is the philosophy and practice of using resources in a manner that will preserve their supply perpetually into the future. It prioritizes the inherent value of complex and delicate environmental systems while recognizing the human need for consumable products, as well as more abstract economic and political considerations. Advocates of sustainability promote regulations, protections, and behavior shifts on a large social scale, as well as individual habits that reduce our detrimental impact on our surroundings, aiming for a balanced relationship between ourselves and our world. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.

Dreaming the Future Can Create the Future

Taking care of nature means taking care of people, and taking care of people means taking care of nature.

The Great Turning as Compass and Lens

The Great Turning identifies the shift from a self-destroying political economy to one in harmony with Earth and enduring for the future. It unites and includes all the actions being taken to honor and preserve life on Earth. It is the essential adventure of our time.

In This Epic Moment of Eco-Social Disruption, the World Is Seeing a Revolutionary Transformation

The world is experiencing the dawn of a revolutionary transformation to becoming an ecologically literate and socially just civilization.

The Great Turning

Joanna Macy, writer and Buddhist scholar, took time out from the WTO protests to speak with YES! editor Sarah Ruth van Gelder. Their conversation took place the day following the massive blockade of the WTO and the labor-led march through Seattle.

Coming Back to Life | Chapter One: To Choose Life

"We live in an extraordinary moment on Earth. We possess more technical prowess and knowledge than our ancestors could have dreamt of," write Joanna Macy and Molly Young Brown in Coming Back to Life. But there's more to the story.


Environmental Justice