Transformation is most commonly illustrated through the image of a caterpillar changing into a butterfly. It speaks to a deep desire to be different than we currently are: whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. We feel that if we could only find the right process—the right chrysalis—we would undoubtedly emerge as the perfect version of ourselves. But transformation is not about the magical changing of one static form into another: it is a process of intentionally guiding the change that is already occurring day by day, moment by moment, on every atom and being in the universe. Our thoughts, brains, bodies, and spirits are undergoing constant change, and the power of transformation relies on that inherent capacity. Healthy transformation stems from the knowledge that we have choices in every moment in how we change, and how we respond to that change. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.


Mark Nepo: The Two Ways Anyone Can Grow as a Human Being | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network

Poet and best-selling author says there are many ways to grow as human beings, but there are only two universal experiences: Either we are broken open or we willfully shed what isn't working in our lives. Watch as Mark explains what sacrifice means and how to find what's truly sacred in life.


The Psychology of Self-Transformation

In this video, relying on the ideas of thinkers such as Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow and Ralph Waldo Emerson, we examine how we can change ourselves so as to live more fulfilling lives.


VIDEO 1 of the F**K IT REVOLUTION Video Series

John C. Parkin (author of the bestselling F**k It books) introduces his 'F**K IT REVOLUTION', using special 'scripts' to change the negative scripts that we're received throughout our lives and that have driven our thought process and thus our lives.


5 Self-Development Tips To Become The Best Version Of Yourself-2020/Blush With Me Parmita

Self Development is for those who want to become the better versions of themselves. In this video, i’v discussed 5 self transformation tips to build a confident personal image.


The Power of Positive Self-Talk

Patrick Sherratt from Innervate Education, presents to a group of senior secondary-school students about how our inner self-talk has a big influence on our self-image, performance and ultimately the way our life goes.


The Moyers' Journey from Addiction to Recovery

Bill and Judith Moyers and their son William Cope Moyers shared their personal story of addiction and recovery with moderator Max Sherman.