Trust is the act of putting faith in another person, having confidence that they will act with honesty and integrity in relation to you. You believe that they can be relied upon, and you feel sure of their good intentions toward you and your own interests. When trust is violated, it can be difficult to repair, depending on the severity of the breach and how often it may have happened in the past. Since trust is a central part of all relationships, finding ways to both maintain trust and mend it when it’s broken is essential to the health of our interactions with family, friends, romantic partners, and business associates.


Alan Watts: Trust the Universe and Control Nothing

How to remove worry and gain confidence in your decisions. When you trust your own inner knowing you will only end up placing trust where it is safe.


Headspace | Meditation Tips | Find Your Natural Confidence

When we force ourselves to muster up confidence, it never really feels authentic. Meditation can help you find a quieter, freer kind of confidence. And with a bit of practice, it will just start to come naturally. Learn to meditate in ten minutes a day with the Headspace app.


Confidence: What Does It Do? | Richard Petty | TEDxOhioStateUniversity

Confidence has become a buzzword and everyone wants to be confident. Dr. Richard Petty talks about what confidence actually is, and his research on the subject matter.


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