More than just “getting along with others,” unity occurs when individuals align their wills toward the same goal. While the individuals’ methods may differ, their energies move in the same direction as a single force. This means that the work for unification rests on carefully listening to and being compassionate toward every member’s values; only by finding common ground on what is considered important can any unity be built. The power of unity lies in its ability to bring together strength and mutual support on a scale larger and more impactful than any number of individual people or entities could accomplish on their own, and its fragility lies in its need for every member to be respectful of, compassionate to, and willing to compromise with each other. Building unity requires intention, perseverance, and excellent listening skills, whether within families, workplaces, and fan communities or across rivalries, religious denominations, and political divides. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.

Radical Regeneration: Birthing the New Human in the Age of Extinction

What is being made crystal clear is that humanity stands at a monumentally fragile threshold with two stark choices placed before it in a situation of complete uncertainty: Those choices are: 1) To continue to worship a vision of power, totally distanced from sacred reality 2) Or to choose the path ...

Brotherhood: Saving Humanity and the Earth

What does the concept of Brotherhood mean? What kind of relationships are needed between people to create a single family of humanity? Based on love and trust, Brotherhood is the ideal human relationship.

Transforming Communities: How People Like You Are Healing Their Neighborhoods

The world around us is a wreck. When there’s so much conflict around the country and around the corner, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, powerless, and helpless. What can one person do to make a difference? Here’s the good news.


Fellowship and Community