We use our value system—a hierarchy of qualities we have embraced as important—every day to make decisions and choices. While most people will agree that common values such as honesty, courage, loyalty, confidence, and kindness are important, each society, community, family, and person all have a differing set of which values should take precedent over others in any given situation. When we make decisions based on values that differ from the prevailing or expected ones, we can be seen as being anything from inconsiderate to morally wrong. Tension between personal and community or cultural values causes social friction, invokes shame, and leads to intense moral judgment on all sides. Understanding that there is no one right value judgment in any situation can help open compassion to others, and discovering what our own core values are can help us make bold decisions that lead toward integrity and self-fulfillment.

Parker Palmer: Know Yourself, Change Your World

In the work you do each day, how do you distinguish truth from fraud, build community, and speak up for what’s right?

How to Preserve Your Integrity

Many of us have to make decisions that define who we are and what we believe in. Most often, the choices we face may seem insignificant.

Test Your Integrity in 5 Questions

You talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? Here's a checklist to tap your inner truth to live each day with intention.

How Muhammad Ali Risked His Boxing Career to Protest the Vietnam War

Muhammad Ali paid a huge price for his principles. While he never served a prison sentence, he was unable to ply his trade for more than three years while his case worked its way through the courts. The Supreme Court eventually ruled 8-0 in Ali's favor in June 1971.

Remembering Roberto Clemente as a Black Man Who Fought Against Racial Injustice

Nearly 50 years after his death, Clemente remains the most revered figure in Puerto Rico and a Latin American icon. He was a Hall of Fame outfielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates and beloved humanitarian.


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