Visualization is an active mental process that consists of forming and controlling vivid mental images in order to alter one’s emotions about a subject or to reach a desired outcome. Visualizations can be a powerful method to regulate physiological pain and stress responses, as well as focus energy and attitude toward a desired goal. It can be a valuable complementary tool in many healing therapies and psychological strategies for achievement, productivity, and focus.

Creating from Consciousness

I was reading metaphysical books and going to workshops, and one of the ones I attended was on creative visualization—learning to use your natural creative imagination in a more conscious way to create what you really want.

It’s All in Your Mind

Is it really possible that imagination can influence outcomes in the “real” world? Using your imagination can be a powerful and creative tool for a life transformation.

Here's How to Be More Confident, Starting Today

If you’re willing to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, it is absolutely achievable to be more confident, and in turn, project that self-esteem. Let these tips on how to increase your confidence in any situation be your starting point.

Here’s How Imagination Works

Our imagination allows us to do more than just daydream. It sparks new ideas and helps us visualize ourselves achieving that next great goal in life.


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Goal Setting