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4 Reasons Every Athlete Should Meditate

A mind that is not under control is a mind that makes mistakes—mistakes that could prevent you from winning.

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Researchers Map Body Areas Linked to Specific Emotions

These colorful images of emotional body maps allow you to visualize a target emotion as it is color-coded to areas of your body. Through daily physicality you learn to understand how your individual body feels in correlation to a wide range of emotions.

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‘I Want All the Spirits that Are in Here to Favor Me.’ How Adam Ottavino Uses Earthing to Help Him Focus on Pitching

At 2 p.m., Adam Ottavino, the Red Sox’ setup man, emerged from the empty dugout in shorts and a T-shirt. He immediately kicked off his flip-flops, and he was barefoot in the park. Fenway Park, that is.

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