Walking Meditation & anxiety

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Walking Meditation: Easy Steps to Mindfulness

Now including online access to complementary audio and video guided meditations, this book features progressive instruction in basic mindfulness techniques such as conscious breathing and walking mindfully in nature, then proceeds to methods for meditative walking anywhere and any time―even in...

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A Little Known Tip to Reduce Anxiety, with Neil Pasricha

According to the American Psychological Association, almost half of all college students consider anxiety their number one concern. So many of us struggle with anxiety, and yet we don’t talk about it enough. Well, I’d like to change that. Here’s something I use to help with my own anxiety.

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One Step at a Time: Radio Headspace Holiday Rewind

Our mind is often caught up by thoughts of what has happened or what could happen. When focusing our attention on one thing in this present moment, our minds are not able to get lost in the past or the future.

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