Willpower is the ability to control our impulses, actions, or emotions. Willpower is seen as a key factor in many other qualities, including determination, drive, resolve, and self-discipline. While many consider willpower an internal element of brute force and self-denial—the ability to tell ourselves “No!” loudly and long enough to endure temptation—the truth is it’s a skill that can be strengthened through self-compassion and the honoring of our desires and true longings. Neuroscience, mindfulness traditions, and psychological practices have all unlocked many reliable strategies to develop our willpower.

How to Increase Willpower and Be Mentally Tough

Learning how to increase willpower requires time.

Self-Discipline in Eating and Exercising

No one can force you to eat right and exercise, so you must use self-discipline to get up off the couch and throw away that bag of chips.

How to Curb Cravings During the Holidays and Beyond

I’ve discovered the key elements to hack our minds and have used these to empower people to overcome unhealthy habits related to emotional eating, anxiety, and smoking.


Habit Formation