Women’s Well-Being

“Well-being” can be defined as a state of being comfortable, healthy, and happy, which is of course something that we all seek to achieve regardless of gender. There are multiple aspects of well-being: physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological, social, and economic, to name a few, and for women, these various needs are often met in different ways and through different practices than they are for other genders.

Women Aren't Nags—We're Just Fed Up

Emotional labor is the unpaid job men still don't understand.

Why has COVID-19 been Especially Harmful for Working Women?

COVID-19 is hard on women because the U.S. economy is hard on women, and this virus excels at taking existing tensions and ratcheting them up.

Meet Alex Elle, the 27-Year-Old Writer Who’s on a Mission to Empower Women to Love Themselves

Alex discusses motherhood, practicing self-love, standing up to bullies, and overcoming obstacles. So find yourself a relaxing space and read this interview with this seriously inspiring woman!

Parent trap: why the cult of the perfect mother has to end

Worldwide, mothers are overworked, underpaid, often lonely and made to feel guilty about everything from epidurals to bottle feeding. Fixing this is the unfinished work of feminism.

What Moms Get in Return: The Unexpected Enlightenment of Parenting While Female

What if our own crucible of self-sacrifice can teach us more about enlightenment than male mystics ever could?

The Importance of Mom Friendships

Being a mom can get lonely even if you're never alone. It's important to make time for friends.

Here’s Why Becoming a Mother for the First Time Is so Physically Intense

Not to mention all those emotional adjustments...

Growing Up Maya Angelou

The famed writer discusses her childhood, her writing and the importance of family.


Female Empowerment