Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy involves using the physical practices of yoga in order to bring about more mental and physical health and well-being. Therapists prescribe specific regimens of postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques that are tailored to an individual’s specific health needs. Yoga therapy has been used to treat a wide array of concerns, from emotional issues such as grief, psychological trauma, or anxiety to physical ailments such as back issues, arthritis, or heart disease.


Relaxing Yoga Therapy for Anxiety and Sleep | Gentle Beginners 30-Minute Routine | Melt Away Stress

Renee Rodgers, BSN, RN. E-RYT guides you through a relaxing Yoga Therapy flow to help ease anxiety, reduce panic attacks and help with insomnia. Yoga Therapy helps to change the state of the mind and body to melt away stress and leave you feeling more calm and peaceful.


Yoga Therapy One: Breathing Exercises for Insomnia and Anxiety

Breathing exercise to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, rapid breathing, insomnia and mental confusion. This simple breathing practice if done regularly will regulate your nervous system and produce a calming effect.


Yoga Therapy Two: Breathing Exercises for Insomnia and Anxiety

This progression from Yoga Therapy one involves a lengthened exhalation which produces a greater effect for calming the nervous system and releasing anxiety, stress and tension. It will produce relaxation in the body and mind.


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