Yoga is both a physical practice and a spiritual philosophy originating in ancient India. Both focus on connecting body and mind to achieve a holistic state of balance. In the West, yoga is generally seen as a physical practice that improves flexibility and strength, reduces stress, and increases one’s awareness of the body-mind connection.

You Are Here: The Five Koshas, or 'Layers' of the Body, Constitute a Map for Navigating the Inner Journey.

Within yoga, a different guide is needed—one that charts the landscape of the self. The koshas, “layers” or “sheaths,” make up one such map, charted by yogic sages some 3,000 years ago.

Restorative Yoga for Chronic Pain

Modern science and yoga agree: our present pain and suffering have their roots in our past pain, trauma, stress, loss, and illness.

Come to Your Senses

The Indian philosopher Abhinavagupta describes rasa as “the self tasting the self.”

Meditation, Mindfulness and the Mind-Body Connection: ARCP Soldiers Practice Yoga and iRest

Sometimes, Soldiers assigned to the Soldier Recovery Unit at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, step onto mats to take an adaptive yoga class that involves Warrior postures. Other times, they roll out their mats for a guided meditation practice called Integrative Restoration (iRest).

Mind-Body Synergy

Whether you seek lower blood pressure, a longer silhouette, or a more peaceful response to life’s pressures, disciplined practices like yoga, tai chi and Pilates offer a host of transformative benefits.

Start with Your Body

A panel discussion with Phillip Moffitt, Cyndi Lee, Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and Reggie Ray. Introduction by Anne Carolyn Klein.

Why Yoga Is Good for Your Body and Brain, According to Science

When I (Dacher Keltner) was 18, I wandered into a yoga class in my first year of college, hosted on a basketball court in the school’s gym. At the time, some 40 years ago, yoga had mystical, somewhat cult-like connotations.


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