Zen Buddhism

Zen Buddhism originated in China from the Mahayana school of Buddhism and dates back to about 520 CE. It is widely practiced around the world and has had a recent surge in interest in the United States, particularly from the Japanese Zen tradition. It is essentially about the quest, through meditation and other forms of ritual and practice, for a state of being fully at peace with your thoughts as well as your place in the universe, which is seen as at once inconsequential and essential.

Take Five

At the core of the Zen Buddhist tradition is a formal practice called zazen, which is the name for Zen meditation or sitting Zen.

What is Zen Buddhism?

Zen is the Japanese name for a Buddhist tradition practiced by millions of people across the world. Historically, Zen practice originated in China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam, and later came to in the West.

Instructions to the Cook

A Zen Master’s Lessons for Living a Life that Matters

Sometimes Full, Sometimes Half Full

All of our actions, however small, can have wondrous effects, says Norman Fischer, but only if we are wholehearted enough in our practice of ethical conduct. Includes a review of the sixteen bodhisattva precepts.

Zen 101: A Brief Introduction to Zen Buddhism

You've heard of Zen. You may even have had moments of Zen—instances of insight and a feeling of connectedness and understanding that seem to come out of nowhere. But what exactly is Zen?

What Is Zen Buddhism and How Do You Practice It?

Zen teacher Norman Fischer takes you through the principles and practices of the major schools of Zen Buddhism.

The Waterfall

When you can sit with your whole body and mind, and with the oneness of your mind and body under the control of the universal mind, you can easily attain this kind of right understanding. Your everyday life will be renewed without being attached to an old erroneous interpretation of life.

Happy Together

When we stop focusing on ourselves, we begin to see that our happiness is dependent on the happiness of all beings. Gaylon Ferguson examines the political, social, and environmental implications.

Things as It Is

Our effort in Zen is to observe everything as-it-is. Yet even though we say so, we are not necessarily observing everything as-it-is.

Buddhism vs. Zen

Zen is a branch of Mahayana Buddhism that originated in China, when Buddhists were introduced to Taoists.


Zen Meditation