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Awakening Joy: Anam Thubten Rinpoche on “The Joy of Being”

By James Baraz — 2014

Awakening Joy is an internationally recognized Internet course created by noted teacher, author, and co-founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center, James Baraz. See more...

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Forest Bathing | Shinrin-Yoku | Healing in Nature | Short Documentary

Learn how to create healing experiences in nature for yourself and your loved ones. Learn calming nature meditations, forest bathing exercises, and mindfulness activities that reconnect us with nature and ourselves. Please share the forest calm and spread some healing.

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Gifts of the Land | A Guided Nature Tour with Robin Wall Kimmerer

Robin Wall Kimmerer takes us on a guided nature tour of Clark Reservation State Park in Jamesville, NY as Spring welcomes back migrating creatures and sends a message to wake up those who have taken a Winter rest.

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Access Nature

The physical, mental, and emotional benefits of access to nature are widely known, yet communities that need these benefits the most are often excluded from outdoor spaces. What does accessibility in the outdoors actually mean, and how can it be improved for all people with disabilities?

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Do All People with Mental Illnesses Think the Same? | Spectrum

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Olympian Gracie Gold Gets Candid About Her Mental Health with Michelle Kwan | Thank You Notes

Michelle Kwan may be one of the best figure skaters of all time, but it’s her incredible resolve that made her such an inspiration to fellow skater Gracie Gold. In this video, Gracie tells Michelle: “You once estimated that you’ve fallen 131,000 times in your skating career.

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The Art of Mental Health Advocacy | Matilda (crazyheadcomics) | TEDxKI

How many people do you know who live with mental illness? With the ever increasing prevalence of mental illness come questions of what we can do to curb the growth of this global health crisis.

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An Alarming Milestone with Veterans’ Mental Health

A new report shows there has been a steady rise in veteran suicide that overtakes the number of soldiers who were killed in combat. Col. Michael Hudson joins the show to discuss possible solutions.

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Second Act of Service: Veterans Find Work and Purpose in the National Park Service | NBC News

Veterans make up 5.9% of the American working age population. But in the National Park Service, veterans make up 26% of the workforce.

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Trained Not to Cry: The Challenge of Being a Soldier | Richard Doss | TEDxNaperville

Members and Veterans of the US Armed Forces have unacceptably high suicide rates. Why? It’s not the combat experience like one would suggest, but a much more complex issue that needs to be talked about.

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We Went to a Support Group for Black People in America

Alzo Slade participates in an “Emotional Emancipation Circle,” an Afrocentric support group created by the Community Healing Network and the Association of Black Psychologists. It’s a safe space for Black people to share personal experiences with racism and to process racial trauma.

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Connection with Nature