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Mark Wolynn: It Didn’t Start with You

By Mark Wolynn — 2017

Unconsciously, we relive our mother’s anxiety. We repeat our father’s disappointments. We replicate the failed relationships of our parents and grandparents. Just as we inherit our eye color and blood type, we also inherit the residue from traumatic events that have taken place in our family. See more...

31:47 min


Healing the Millennial Wound - Helping Generation Y

The millennial generation or so-called 'generation why' is a game-changer generation. However, to get to the place where the game is changed, the existing rules of the game had to have proved to be detrimental.

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How Generational and Early Life Trauma Shape Our Lives

Along with distorting our fundamental view about the world, and the emergence of traumatic symptoms, unresolved trauma limits our capacity to be fully present; our potential and capacity for real love and intimacy are blocked, as is the ability to feel the intrinsic aliveness, vibrancy, and joy of...

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How Trauma Gets Stuck in the Body (and How to Work with It), with Peter Levine

In this video, Peter Levine will share how he helped uncover an incomplete traumatic response that was stuck in the body.

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Trauma and Somatic Experiencing

Peter uses his famous "Slinky" presentation to demonstrate the effects of trauma on the nervous system, and his philosophy of treating trauma; which involves slowly releasing (or titrating) this compressed fight-or-flight energy a bit at time to give the individual the ability to reintegrate it...

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Art of Healing with Dr Bernie Siegel

Dr. Bernie Siegel speaks on the Art of Healing in Simsbury CT.

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Interview with Dr. John Sarno on his book “The Divided Mind”

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74: Connie Zweig – The Inner Work of Age: Shifting from Role to Soul

In this episode, John W. Price interviews author, book editor, meditation teacher, and psychotherapist, Dr. Connie Zweig.

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You Can’t Simply Take Trauma Away | Dr. Nadine Burke Harris | Google Zeitgeist

Google Zeitgeist is a collection of talks by people who are changing the world. Hear entrepreneurs, CEOs, storytellers, scientists, and dreamers share their visions of how we can shape tomorrow.

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Intergenerational Trauma: Residential Schools

Learn how the effects of residential schools continue to manifest into the present day.

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The Key to Overcome Trauma—Dr Joe Dispenza | London Real

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