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How to Create Conscious Intimacy in Your Relationship | Dr. Shefali

By Shefali Tsabary — 2020

In this talk you’ll learn: What the greatest orgasmic pleasure possible is.- how to have the best sex life ever. Which of your core needs were probably NOT met as a child, and how you project this pain into your relationship. See more...

37:03 min


Kwik Brain Episode 108: Heal a Broken Heart with Dr. Shefali Tsabary

In this conversation, we delve into some of the biggest misconceptions surrounding relationships, why we need to invest in ourselves, and why romantic love is a delusion.

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ADHD & Relationship—Secrets to a Happy ADHD Relationship

Relationships in which one or both partners have ADHD can range from being successful to catastrophic. Having ADHD in a relationship can be the causing factor of plenty frustrations, miscommunications, resentments and a large cause in divorces of marriages.

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5 Asperger's Dating Tips to Help YOU! (Are You Making These Mistakes?)

In this video I’m out lining Asperger’s dating tips and Asperger’s dating problems to help you with your dating needs. Having Asperger’s syndrome myself I have been through all of these issues that would probably occur from a long-term relationship with somebody with autism.

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ADHD and Relationships: Let's Be Honest

This week, I address one of the biggest problems in ADHD relationships that no one seems to talk about.

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Autistic Relationships: 10 Tips for Neurotypical Partners in Neurodiverse Relationships

Being in a neurodiverse relationship can be extra challenging! In this video, Tay (neurodiverse) and her husband Scott (neurotypical) share 10 Tips for Neurotypical Partners in Neurodiverse Relationships.

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ADHD Relationship Skills & Problems

Successfully dating and maintaining healthy relationships can be a challenge for people with ADHD, maybe because they are too irresponsible, don't listen properly and so on.

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ADHD and Autism Relationship Accommodations -- How to Get Your Needs Met

We all have needs. We all need our relationships to help meet those needs. So...what if it can't? This is where relationship accommodations come in.

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See How this Single Question Saved a Marriage

This story is about a situation where Todd, a husband, almost left his wife and kids, and the wife found a way to ask one non-defensive question that led to a conversation that saved the marriage.

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When Your Partner Feels Like a Roommate

Have you ever felt like your partner is more of a roommate than a romantic partner or spouse? Maybe you two make a fantastic team—getting the laundry done, going to the grocery store, getting the kids to and from school—but it doesn’t feel like a relationship.

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What Is Gaslighting? How to Avoid Mental Manipulation and Emotional Abuse with Terri Cole

What Is Gaslighting? How to Avoid Mental Manipulation and Emotional Abuse - Terri Cole If this video describes your situation, please don’t give up. The first step is to understand that it’s happening.

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