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Signs That You May Be A Mystic


The mysterious world of mysticism discussed and signs this may be your particular path. If you need help cultivating your mystic abilities and with walking down the path, then book a session with me, as a seasoned mystic I can help you.

12:22 min


One Through Love: Andrew Harvey

Andrew Harvey in Konya recites Rumi's poem: "The lamps are different, but the light is the same."

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Nils von Heijne: Understanding My Transcendent Experience

CRAZYWISE Conversations: Nils von Heijne – Understanding My Transcendent Experience Nils is a Swedish entrepreneur and coach who I met at the Guardian of Life Conference near Stockholm, Sweden.

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Wherever You Turn Is the Face of God -- Camille Helminski

'Wherever You Turn Is the Face of God' -- talk by Camille Helminski, taken at the Baraka Retreat 2011

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2016 Sacred Practice: Sufi Practice with Shaikh Kabir Helminski

Shaikh Kabir Helminski is a Sufi master of the 700 year old Mevlevi order, the lineage of Jalaluddin Rumi. Sufism (tasawwuf) is the inner, spiritual, mystical dimension of Islam. Its aim is the development of Presence and Love.

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The Qualitative Science of the Heart: Kabir Helminski

Sufism is a discipline, a methodology, for enhancing and refining spiritual perception. The human being has a range of subtle faculties for knowing, the totality of which we can call the spiritual heart. The science of the heart is a science of qualities, not quantities.

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Be Cleansed of Shallow Idolatries: Shaikh Kabir Helminski

Shaikh Kabir Helminski offers a sohbet (discourse & discussion) on July’s theme of the month: “Be cleansed of shallow idolatries; affirm the Real. Ya Haqq.

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PAWC Mechanics of Mysticism: Sadhguru & Rabbi Wolpe

Persian American Women's Conference presents an evening with Sadhguru and Rabbi Wolpe discussing the mechanics of mysticism at Writers Guild Theater in Los Angeles.

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A short interview with Baba Muktananda in Sydney Australia 1974

Baba Muktananda lays out the key teachings of the Yoga guided by a Siddha’s grace, in a brief but succinct interview in Sydney in 1974

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Conscious Ritual; Intuition and Inspiration; Sacred Space (Part 2/7)

Voices of the Earth, a project of the Earth Medicine Alliance speaks with Luisah Teish, an author, storyteller, and priestess of the Ifá/Orisha faith of Yoruba-speaking West Africa and the African Diaspora.

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Patanjali Yoga Sutras - A Musical Rendition - International Day of Yoga

Patanjali defined yoga as Chitta Vritti Nirodha, which means that if you can still the modifications and activity of the mind, you are in yoga. This chant, an excerpt from Patanjali’s yoga sutras is composed and sung by Sounds of Isha.

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