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After Baby, Don’t Bounce Back. Bounce Forward! | Tiffiny Hall | TEDxDocklands


Tiffiny Hall is passionate about helping women feel confident and strong. Tiffiny explores the pressures placed on women to bounce back and lose weight after they give birth and shares her experiences in dealing with the bounce back culture after she had a baby. See more...

14:04 min


How Does Cancer and Cancer Treatment Affect Body Image and Confidence?

Cancer, and cancer treatment, can change your body, what it looks like and your body confidence. Young people and teenagers share how cancer changed their body but how they still feel still like themselves.

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How One Woman with a Disability Learned to Love Her Body Through Dancing | Today Original

Tommy DiDario talks with Tiffany Geigel, a professional dancer born with a rare bone disorder. She never let her disability stand in the way of her dreams, and she transformed her disadvantages into her superpower.

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Disability and Body Image

Discussing what I think are the 5 biggest challenges that disabled people face in developing a healthy/positive body image and how I tackle them.

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Mental Health within the Black Community | Davonte Sanders-Funches | TEDxNorthCentralCollege

Spoken word meet social critique in this power piece exploring the cyclical nature of mental health challenges within the black community.

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How to Prioritize Your Mental Health as an Entrepreneur | Forbes

What is the healthy balance between growing your brand and taking care of your mental health as an entrepreneur? Here are five ways entrepreneurs can have better mental health.

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Love, No Matter What | Andrew Solomon

What is it like to raise a child who’s different from you in some fundamental way (like a prodigy, or a differently abled kid, or a criminal)? In this quietly moving talk, writer Andrew Solomon shares what he learned from talking to dozens of parents—asking them: What’s the line between...

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Why Befriending Our Bodies Is So Hard, with JoAnna Hardy

iBme teacher JoAnna Hardy briefly explains mindfulness of the body and how to see our bodies as places of refuge. She also talks about how challenging this is when we have personal and/or cultural judgments and opinion around our bodies.

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How Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers Can Survive & Thrive with Terri Cole

Does your mother guilt trip you or emotionally blackmail you? Does she act competitively with you or take credit for your talent or accomplishments? These are all behavioral patterns of the narcissistic mother.

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The Surprising Loneliness of Parenthood

Everyone expects the addition of a new member of the family to lead to a steady stream of new friends and fun playdates with other parents. However, for many mums and dads, the joy of welcoming a new child can have unexpected consequences.

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A New Way to Think About the Transition to Motherhood | Alexandra Sacks

When a baby is born, so is a mother—but the natural (and sometimes unsteady) process of transition to motherhood is often silenced by shame or misdiagnosed as postpartum depression.

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