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Creative Burnout | Do Nothing to Achieve More


On our recent trip to Croatia I made a film about #creativeburnout and the importance of taking a break. I started this year wanting to produce lots more of my own content but have really struggled finding what I want to do or how to do it. See more...

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The Thing to Remember About Creative Burnout

Starting out as a new artist can be a daunting task. It doesn’t help that creatives are producing content at insane rates to appease the algorithms of platforms like Youtube and Spotify.

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How Modern Work Pressure Distorts Our Identity | Burnout

In the first part of The National’s series Battling Burnout, Canadian author and workplace expert Rahaf Harfoush tells Andrew Chang that pressures in the modern workplace are distorting our identities by often placing success at work at the expense of mental and physical well-being.

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Cancer and Finances—Linda’s Story

Financial hardship often accompanies a cancer diagnosis. Linda shares her experiences and insights about managing questions with employment and finances that often accompany a cancer diagnosis.

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Jamie Margolin—Burnout and Balance: Finding an Identity Outside Of Your Activism

Young climate activist Jamie Margolin describes how coming of age in a climate catastrophe marked her so profoundly that she became solely defined by her climate justice work. Yet ultimately she succumbed to overwhelm and exhaustion—burnout.

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How to Avoid Burnout as a Freelance Creative

Experiencing burnout as a freelance creative is inevitable at some point—but it can be avoided. Here are some things you can practice to avoid burnout and ensure a healthy work-life balance.

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How to Combat Creative Burnout

If you’re dreading work and doubting yourself, you may be experiencing creative burnout. Keiko Lynn shares how to combat this mental, emotional, and even physical exhaustion, using her own experience to show how you can find that creative spark again.

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10 Signs of Creative Burnout

Creativity is fragile. Despite all our care, sometimes, it seems to be gone: the creativity tap has run dry. We experience the dreaded creative burnout.

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Fighting Burnout and Creative Block.

Jazza (Josiah Brooks) "is a full time YouTuber/Artist who likes music, beer, beef jerky, and writing profile summaries in the third person." He highly recommends the books by Dr. Russ Harris, "The Reality Slap". and "The Happiness Trap".

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What Is Gaslighting? How to Avoid Mental Manipulation and Emotional Abuse with Terri Cole

What Is Gaslighting? How to Avoid Mental Manipulation and Emotional Abuse - Terri Cole If this video describes your situation, please don’t give up. The first step is to understand that it’s happening.

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Dr. Hallowell Encourages You to Take Back Control

Dr. Hallowell tells us that if we don’t reconstruct our boundaries, we will be too crazy busy to enjoy life.

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