Community Guidelines

Last Updated: May 15, 2021

A full description of our rules can be found in our Terms of Service . In short:

  1. Everyone is welcome,
  2. except if you are hurtful, hateful, or alienating to others,
  3. in which case you will be banned from the platform.

We built FindCenter as a welcoming space for exploration and connection. Our Terms of Service cover many issues related to our expectation that our users will treat each other with respect. Hence our Community Guidelines are few. We offer them here out of our commitment to keeping this platform welcoming and safe for all.

We do not allow hate speech, bullying, or abusive behavior of any kind. This includes any posts, links, or images that target others for harassment based on race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or disease. We will remove any content we find that supports organized crime, terrorism, or hate groups.

We do not support violence in any context: sexual, interpersonal, political, or otherwise. All violent text or imagery will be removed, unless shared to educate. This includes content that glorifies self-harm.

We expect you to respect copyright and other intellectual property laws. Make sure you have the rights to post the content you share. This includes text and imagery.

We do not allow use of the platform to promote harmful services or products or substances currently illegal in the United States.

If you see anything on our platform that you think may violate our guidelines or terms of service, please use the Report a User, Report a Post, or Report a Collection forms found by clicking on the ellipsis icon on the relevant item. You do not need to have a FindCenter account to make a report. We will review these reports in a timely manner, usually within 3 business days of your report, and swiftly remove any content that violates our Terms of Service or these Community Guidelines. We reserve the right to remove individual pieces of content or entire Collections if either imagery or text violate our guidelines. We also may remove user accounts for violations of our Community Guidelines.