Originally recorded on April 28, 2022. This class offers simple and practical ways to pause and connect to your inner calm. Learn breathing techniques that leave you feeling centered, less overwhelmed, and with an overall sense of well-being. You will explore the benefits of building a lasting practice that will help calm the chaos of… Continue reading Sacred Serenity: The Benefits of Building a Meditation Practice to Calm the Chaos with JaTorra Commodore Read more
If we just look at what’s really going on with any meditation technique, it’s so simple as to be unbelievable. Enjoy the flow of your breathing. Notice the flow of thoughts, emotions, and sensations through your body, heart, and mind. Enjoy the beauty of an internal sound—a mantra—that to you feels like the song of… Continue reading Meditation Is Ridiculously, Amazingly Simple Read more
Let’s enrich our conception of what mindfulness is. In the ancient languages, the term would carry a meaning more like heartfulness, sense-fullness, gratefulness, wonderfulness, soulfulness. “Mindfulness” means way more than the English word “mind.” In Sanskrit, manas has a wide range of meanings—“mind” in its widest sense, including all the mental powers, intelligence, perception, sense,… Continue reading Enriching Our Conception of Mindfulness Read more
Every day, we have to do the impossible. We have to submit to the magic reboot of sleep and then get up and line up all our selves into a unified being and get on with it. Nearly every day, new qualities of our selves come online to join in with all the others.  This… Continue reading Welcome the Wildness: or, Uncovering the True Heart of Yoga and Meditation Read more
“You will lose someone you can’t live without, and your heart will be badly broken, and the bad news is that you never completely get over the loss of your beloved. But this is also the good news. They live forever in your broken heart that doesn’t seal back up.” —Anne Lamott Why is the death… Continue reading An Introduction to the Death or Loss of a Parent Read more
Some people harbor the illusion that rest is a luxury they do not have time for, but the reality is that rest is a necessity. The fast pace of modern living can cause people to think they must always be working on one task or another to remain a productive member of society, but the… Continue reading An Introduction to Rest Read more
Previously recorded on April 21, 2022. From mindset to music, ONE SONG sessions are rooted in the idea that everyone has creativity flowing inside, ready to be tapped. Accessing your innate creativity involves being aware of the details of life around us every day. The experience of songwriting, which can open pathways to the energy… Continue reading One Song Lab: Songwriting as a Path Toward Confidence and Wholeness with Ken Ashby Read more
Originally recorded on April 12, 2022. During this class you will learn strategies for you and your family to regulate and relieve stress, activate resilience at will, and restore your daily energy balance so that you can be your best. Practices for both adults and children will be shared. About Cole Berschback: Cole Berschback is… Continue reading Thriving Together: The Balanced and Resilient Family with Cole Berschback Read more
Taken for granted in Western culture for more than a hundred years, the dualistic view of the universe—the split between mind and matter, body and spirit, faith and reason, essentially between science and spirituality—is now being fundamentally questioned by Western science and religion alike. Why did the split occur in the first place, what has… Continue reading An Introduction to Science and Spirituality Read more
In a post #MeToo world, many parents of young boys are anxious to find a better way forward for their sons. Luckily, there are many things parents can do to foster a positive environment in which their sons can flourish and thrive, and be proud of who they grow up to be. How do I… Continue reading An Introduction to Raising Sons Read more
“Time,” to paraphrase a Carl Sandburg poem, “is the only coin you have, so spend it wisely.” What constitutes wise use of one’s time can be viewed as a subjective matter, but many of us would agree that spending large chunks of time to feed an unhealthy addiction would not fall under the “wise use”… Continue reading An Introduction to Social Media Addiction Read more
What do we think about when we think about our relationship with money? The details will be different for everyone, but some of the more common questions people ask themselves about money include: Do I have enough? Am I earning enough? How can I get more? Do I enjoy doing what I do for a… Continue reading An Introduction to Relationship with Money Read more
At the core of one of the most important Zen Buddhist texts, the Heart Sutra, is this declaration: Form does not differ from emptiness,emptiness does not differ from form.That which is form is emptiness,that which is emptiness form.The same is true of feelings,perceptions, impulses, consciousness. One of the most famous expressions of the concept of… Continue reading An Introduction to Non-Duality Read more
The term “religious experience,” or sometimes “mystical experience,” is used to describe a transcendent event that transforms the person who has the experience, often in a way that leads to a strong sense of connection and/or oneness with the universe and/or God. The capacity for undergoing a religious experience is not limited by one’s spiritual… Continue reading An Introduction to Religious Experience Read more
The term “neoshamanism,” or “new shamanism,” refers to just that—newer forms of shamanism that have been adapted from traditional indigenous practices in order to meet the needs of the modern world. The studies of famous twentieth-century anthropologists including Mircea Eliade, Carlos Castaneda, and Michael Harner popularized the idea of seeking spiritual wisdom from indigenous sources,… Continue reading An Introduction to Neoshamanism Read more
“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” —Eleanor Roosevelt Many… Continue reading 7 Ways of Unpacking Fears of Leaving a Job and Striking Out on Your Own Read more
Most of us have heard that meditation is a good practice to start, with many different benefits to both physical and mental health. Nowadays, there are so many different kinds of meditation out there that it can seem overwhelming to consider which one to choose. In this article, we’ll break down one of the most… Continue reading An Introduction to Lovingkindness Meditation Read more
How did we get here? Where are we going? How will we get there? As individuals and on the societal level, these questions are at the heart of the human condition. The answers can provide a road map for how we live our lives.  What is the origin of consciousness?  Consciousness is the awareness of… Continue reading An Introduction to Conscious Evolution Read more
Reflecting on the concept of wholeness is a helpful practice for assessing where we are in our lives, as well as where we have been, where we want to be, and what steps we need to take to get there.  Before we can do this, however, it helps to know what wholeness means. In the… Continue reading An Introduction to Wholeness Read more
What is the Diamond Approach? The Diamond Approach is a spiritual path oriented to realizing and actualizing our true nature; its teachings were developed in California starting in the 1970s. Though not intended as a psychotherapy, the Diamond Approach uses psychological tools and meditation practices to further this spiritual work. Drawing from sources such as… Continue reading An Introduction to the Diamond Approach Read more
In any adventure there are obstacles of all kinds. Each one needs to be confronted. Here are the eight I observe most frequently in teaching meditation.  1. Sitting in the Wrong Posture  The cross-legged pose has nothing to do with meditation. It’s just the way people in Asia sit. It is possible that it’s a… Continue reading 8 Common Obstacles to Meditation Read more
The idea of speaking your truth can be terrifying, but why? At least part of the answer to that penetrating question lies in the fact that authenticity and vulnerability are inexorably intertwined. “The most important things are the hardest to say,” the prolific American author Stephen King wrote in his 1982 book Different Seasons, a… Continue reading An Introduction to Speaking Your Truth Read more
Originally recorded on April 8, 2022. You are welcome to this event exactly where you are. There are no special tools required, but you can bring a piece of paper or your journal, and a writing implement if you like. Gratitude. Readiness. Openness. Willingness. These are the pathways to living the life we are given… Continue reading Come As You Are with Arnold J. Mungioli Read more
The first time I laid eyes on my second husband, Craig, I knew I was in for a wild ride. He stood over six feet tall, and was blonde and athletic. When I got past his good looks, he was the most charming yet genuine person I’d encountered in years—traits that are too rare in… Continue reading Is Love Really Sweeter the Second Time Around? Read more
“75% of careers are derailed for reasons related to emotional competencies, including inability to handle interpersonal problems; unsatisfactory team leadership during times of difficulty or conflict; or inability to adapt to change or elicit trust.” —The Center for Creative Leadership, 1994 It has increasingly become accepted that emotional intelligence is an important factor in our… Continue reading 7 Habits of Highly Emotionally Intelligent People Read more
Jesus of Nazareth walked the earth more than 2,000 years ago, according to the four Gospels of the New Testament, yet we need look no further than the two billion-plus Christians in the world today to see that his life and message still exert tremendous influence. How that influence manifests in the lives of individual… Continue reading An Introduction to Christian Mysticism Read more
Job applicants are rarely if ever asked to list psychic abilities on their resumes, but that doesn’t mean everyone would be at a loss for words if the topic came up during an interview. A 2005 Gallup poll found that roughly three-quarters of Americans believe in at least some paranormal power, including phenomena like telepathy, clairvoyance,… Continue reading An Introduction to Psychic Abilities Read more
Along the path that is our lives, sometimes we feel like we are skating, while at other times we are dragging. When we have energy in the right quantity, we feel great; when we don’t, we may feel we’d try anything to get it back. What foods we eat, how much we sleep, our mental… Continue reading An Introduction to Life Force Energy Read more
As neuroscience, the scientific study of the nervous system, has revolutionized understanding of how the brain works, the implications for the understanding of our minds are immense. Tapping into this revolution, neuropsychology holds that as the brain has enormous capacity for healing and learning, thus does the mind. The job of the neuropsychologist is to… Continue reading An Introduction to Neuropsychology Read more
Originally Recorded on March 29, 2022. “Do not harm me; I shall act so you praise me” is the translation of the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic dated around 2330 BCE. This is thought to depict a form of reflexology and possibly where it all began. Liz will introduce you to this healing modality; utilizing hands and… Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide to Reflexology and Anxiety with Liz van Beek Read more
Once considered the quintessential party drug, MDMA (also known as “ecstasy,” “X,” or “molly”) is now experiencing a surge of interest in a completely different area: psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.  MDMA, which is short for 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine, is a synthetic psychedelic drug that enhances both physical and emotional sensations, often producing euphoria as well as a heightened sense… Continue reading An Introduction to MDMA Read more
Hypnosis has been used for everything from ending bad habits such as cigarette smoking and compulsive gambling to making healthy changes such as losing weight and improving the quality of one’s sleep. But is hypnosis even real? The short answer is, yes, hypnosis is real. And while its effects may not be as dramatic as… Continue reading An Introduction to Hypnosis Read more
The popular expression “if God were a woman” suggests that were it so, the world would be a very different place. History would agree. Matriarchal societies have flourished and female deities have been worshipped since the beginning of human civilization. Since then, the primal “divine ancestress” and the female principle have manifested in countless mythological… Continue reading An Introduction to the Goddess Read more
LSD, or lysergic acid diethylamide, is a synthetic drug with potent psychedelic properties. Commonly known as acid, it was originally derived from compounds found in ergot, a fungus that grows on rye.  LSD was first synthesized by a Swiss chemist named Albert Hofmann in 1938, who was testing various lysergic acid compounds as stimulants. During… Continue reading An Introduction to LSD Read more
Regardless of whether one is on a spiritual path, the role that prayer plays in the world is indisputable. From legislative bodies opening sessions with prayers to religious congregations praying for peace on earth to individuals praying for whatever reasons they see fit, prayer has been a part of the human story throughout recorded history.… Continue reading An Introduction to Prayer Read more
The concept of telekinesis—the ability to use the power of thought or focused intention without any physical intervention to induce movement in objects at rest or influence the movement of objects and physical systems already in motion—is often relegated to the realm of science fiction and paranormal-themed movies. But even though telekinesis seemingly contradicts the… Continue reading An Introduction to Telekinesis Read more
Though his groundbreaking work formed the basis of what would become the field of quantum physics, Albert Einstein would famously reject the theory, saying “I am at all events convinced that He [God] does not play dice.” He also dismissively labeled quantum particle behavior as “spooky action at a distance.”  Why was Einstein so rattled… Continue reading An Introduction to Quantum Physics Read more
Some people just seem to excel when the situation calls for it. Certain athletes have an uncanny ability to go into “the zone” and get the job done in the clutch; well-prepared students with good study habits tend to do well on tests; and many of us have experienced days when everything unfolds perfectly at… Continue reading An Introduction to Peak Performance Read more
What is astral projection? Is it real? Have you ever had the feeling of your mind being outside your body—maybe looking down, or up, or across the room at yourself? About 10 percent of people report having had an out-of-body experience at least once.  Some take this unbound consciousness as proof of the existence of… Continue reading An Introduction to Astral Projection Read more
What’s it like to raise a daughter? The answer to that question is as different as each individual child, as well as each individual parent. Whether you find yourself as mother, father, extended family, or mentor to a young girl or woman, here are some tips for fostering the best relationship possible with her as… Continue reading An Introduction to Raising Daughters Read more
Originally recorded on March 25, 2022. Ira Glass of This American Life says, “Great stories happen to people who know how to tell them.” Do you want to get better at captivating listeners? Whether you want to tell your story on stage, in a business meeting or college interview, or at the family table, professional… Continue reading The Importance of Personal Storytelling with Terry Wolfisch Cole Read more
Originally recorded on March 18, 2022. Jessie Asya Kanzer, author of Don’t Just Sit There, DO NOTHING, teaches a workshop by the same name. Using the ancient teachings of the Tao Te Ching, she helps us find great power and transformations within ourselves. Bring a journal and be ready to shift! About Jessie Kanzer: Jessie… Continue reading Don’t Just Sit There, Do Nothing with Jessie Kanzer Read more
Listen to your conscience, the old saying goes. But how do we follow that advice, and what do we do when staying true to our conscience contradicts conventional wisdom and behaviors expected or encouraged by society? Before listening to our conscience, we must be capable of identifying what it is. Broadly speaking, having a conscience… Continue reading An Introduction to Conscience Read more
What is my fate? Is it predetermined? What if I had made different choices? Can I change my fate? These are questions that people have wrestled with throughout history. The synonyms of fate such as destiny and karma—and even their antonyms, like chance and free will—are all variations on the theme of the eternal question… Continue reading An Introduction to Fate Read more
Originally recorded on March 18, 2022. In this class, psychoanalyst and author Erica Komisar discusses the science behind raising resilient adolescents, an age group that is facing more mental distress than ever.  Ms. Komisar focuses on the importance of parents to provide emotional regulation during this critical window of brain development to increase emotional security,… Continue reading Raising Resilient Adolescents with Erica Komisar Read more
In the context of human lifespans, “longevity” refers to how long someone lives and is generally understood to apply to people on the longer end of the life expectancy spectrum. Longevity is something we can exert varying degrees of control over, although there are always variables that may influence the context of the choices available… Continue reading An Introduction to Longevity Read more
Most of us have had the experience of having a dream so real, we wake up wondering if it really happened. Maybe we’ve also had the experience of knowing we are dreaming, and even knowing ourselves as directors of the action in the nighttime movies of our minds.  Why do some dreams feel so real?… Continue reading An Introduction to Lucid Dreaming Read more
Ayahuasca has become increasingly popular with North Americans and other Westerners in recent years, as more and more people are looking for alternative ways to explore their inner selves and connect more deeply with a broader consciousness. The medicine has been banned for decades by the Western world, but indigenous shamanic practitioners have faithfully continued… Continue reading An Introduction to Ayahuasca Read more
Eating disorders are ravaging this country. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the numbers have skyrocketed while treatment is even further delayed. As a primary care physician specializing in treating patients with eating disorders, I have seen an alarming increase in the severity of symptoms and the need for inpatient hospitalization. For the nearly… Continue reading Eating Disorders Don’t Discriminate: Everyone Deserves Timely Care Read more
What is homeopathy? Homeopathy is a medical and pharmacological specialty that uses extremely small doses of plants, mineral, animals, or chemical substances to treat people whose symptoms are similar to the syndrome of symptoms these substances cause in overdose. Because symptoms of disease represent the body’s best efforts to survive and to defend itself, using… Continue reading An Introduction to Homeopathy Read more

Raising LGBTQ+ Kids

March 17, 2022

Your child just came out to you. Now what? Here are some things to keep in mind.  (While the term “parent” will be used throughout this article, it is noted that “parent” is used as inclusive of all identities of primary caregivers.) The Importance of Supporting Your LGBTQ+ Youth Parental support is key. Many studies… Continue reading Raising LGBTQ+ Kids Read more
Transgender and gender diverse (TGD) individuals (individuals whose gender identity is not aligned with their assigned sex at birth) are a historically marginalized group. Although TGD identities have been recorded throughout history, TGD individuals have experienced increased rates of discrimination in medical settings, harassment in public spaces, and victimization and non-affirmation in schools. While there… Continue reading An Introduction to Transgender Well-Being Read more
With poetic logic, Albert Einstein once said that “Nothing happens until something moves.” In other words, movement is baked into the very foundation of everything. We move through space. We move through life. People move for all sorts of reasons, with fitness and health at the top of the list for most. However, when you… Continue reading An Introduction to Movement Meditation Read more
Have you ever wondered why feeling sadness is sometimes called being “blue?” Or have you felt someone’s look as “icy?” These are everyday examples of a condition that most of us don’t experience literally. Synesthesia means “union of the senses,” and synesthetes (roughly four percent of us) are just wired differently, whether we know it… Continue reading An Introduction to Synesthesia Read more
Misophonia literally means “hatred of sound.” People with misophonia are affected negatively by common sounds, usually made by others. Hearing someone else’s chewing or yawning or even breathing can trigger a feeling of anger and aversion to the point where the person just wants to get away from that sound. Misophonia is little studied, and… Continue reading An Introduction to Misophonia Read more
Thanks to popular culture, many have heard of Thor, Odin, Loki, and the other gods and goddesses associated with the Norse mythological tradition. But are their representations in movies, comic books, and TV shows anything like the original myths? The answer is yes, and no. While the characters of Norse mythology do often strongly resemble… Continue reading An Introduction to Norse Mythology Read more
Are you looking for a doctor who treats you as a whole person, focuses in on and understands your health issues and goals, and addresses the root causes of your symptoms? If so, you may have run across naturopathic doctors or functional medicine doctors in your search for the right fit for you. Naturopathic Medicine… Continue reading An Introduction to Naturopathy and Functional Medicine Read more
What is the shadow? Personal shadow is a term coined by renowned Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung to refer to the personal unconscious, that part of our minds that is behind or beneath our conscious awareness. We can’t gaze at it directly. It’s like a blind spot in our field of vision. Because it is hidden,… Continue reading An Introduction to the Shadow Read more
With the advent of the psychedelic renaissance occurring currently, many people have become curious about one of the most famous hallucinogens: psilocybin mushrooms. Read on to discover the most important information about these fascinating fungi. What is psilocybin? Psilocybin is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in certain mushrooms, which induces a hallucinogenic state when… Continue reading An Introduction to Psilocybin Read more
Massage has been an important staple of the healing arts for thousands of years. The Greek physician Hippocrates (c. 460–c. 370 BCE), sometimes referred to as “the father of Western medicine,” wrote that “physicians must be skilled in many things, and particularly in friction (massage).” Even before Hippocrates, a hieroglyphic panel in Egypt’s Tomb of… Continue reading An Introduction to Massage Read more
Many of us have what we think of as “lucky numbers,” but is there anything more to this notion than fun and games? According to numerology, the answer is a resounding “yes.” In numerology, numbers represent more than just their mathematical values. The ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras (c. 570–c. 495 BCE) is generally… Continue reading An Introduction to Numerology Read more
“The end purpose of these exercises is to prolong life and endow it with the youth of eternal spring.” —from the Thirteen Posture Song What is qigong?  Qi is the Chinese name for universal life force (energy). The concept of qi underlies Traditional Chinese Medicine and martial arts. Gong is translated as committed cultivation and… Continue reading An Introduction to Qigong Read more
What does it mean to be telepathic?  Telepathy is defined as communication between two or more people without using conventional methods such as language, signals, or other physical means that rely on the known senses.  The word “telepathy” was first used in 1882 by Frederic W. H. Myers, one of the founders of the Society… Continue reading An Introduction to Telepathy Read more
The opening lines of the Tao Te Ching, the foundational text of the Chinese philosophy and religion of Taoism, speak to a paradox in the human condition: In a world filled with questions and mystery, certitude is elusive, and the true nature of things—the Tao—can never be fully comprehended. The American poet and translator Stephen… Continue reading An Introduction to Taoism Read more
What is the real meaning of dharma? In one sentence, dharma is an important religious concept generally referring to a law or principle that governs the universe. The word “dharma” comes from the Sanskrit root word dhri, which means “to hold,” “to maintain,” or “to preserve.”  How many dharma are there? Dharma has multiple meanings… Continue reading An Introduction to Dharma Read more
Before Christianity became the most widely practiced religion in the world, many people across the globe believed not in just one God, but in many, and often worshiped outside in nature as opposed to within the walls of churches. As Christians sought to spread their beliefs everywhere they went, they developed a slew of words… Continue reading An Introduction to Paganism Read more
What exactly is emotional intelligence? There have been many definitions of emotional intelligence, but most revolve around a few common areas. A generally agreed upon definition is the ability to recognize, differentiate, and manage our emotions and the emotions of others. The notion of emotions being important in our lives goes all the way back… Continue reading An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence Read more
What is betrayal? Betrayal is an unexpected violation of trust that shocks mind, body, and soul. Whether you have suffered through an abusive childhood, have been shattered by global events, were let down by your lover, or were stabbed in the back by a coworker, the intensity of personal pain taps into a deep archetypal… Continue reading An Introduction to Betrayal Read more
For millions of people worldwide, there is no selection of words more significant than the nine that serve as the title of this article. They are the blueprint for a sober, sane life, according to the “The Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous. They offer hope for a sustained sobriety, hope for a path to peaceful… Continue reading Acceptance Is the Answer to Every Problem We Have Read more
Welcome to the FindCenter Class Catalog. Find links and descriptions to our Free Virtual Classes below. This page is updated weekly with new class offerings and recordings. Thriving Together: The Balanced and Resilient Family with Cole Berschback During this class you will learn strategies for you and your family to regulate and relieve stress, activate… Continue reading FindCenter Free Virtual Classes Read more
What is therapeutic music? Therapeutic music is live, acoustic music, played or sung, and specifically tailored to an individual patient’s immediate need. It is an art based on the science of sound. Therapeutic music is practiced by musicians who complete an approved therapeutic musician curricula and a supervised internship from an accredited training program.  What… Continue reading An Introduction to Therapeutic Music Read more
What is astrology? Astrology is the study of human consciousness—individual and collective—as reflected in the shifting patterns of planets and luminaries against the backdrop of constellations and fixed stars. It is a symbolic language of soul based upon the Hermetic principle “As Above, so Below”—that everything we perceive outside of ourselves is a reflection of… Continue reading An Introduction to Astrology Read more
“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of man.” —Winston Churchill What is equine therapy? Equine therapy is a tool or a treatment that uses the horse to help improve the mental, psychological, and/or the physical functioning of humans of any age. There are three major types… Continue reading An Introduction to Equine Therapy Read more
The chakras are concentrations of life force energy occurring within general locations in the physical body. The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit language of ancient India (cakra, pronounced chuckra with a hard ch) and means wheel or disc. In addition to their physical location, each of the chakras has numerous correlations with elements, symbols,… Continue reading An Introduction to the Chakras Read more
What do the feet, hands, and ears have in common? They all contain reflexology points that can help us feel better throughout our entire bodies. What is reflexology and what does it do? Reflexology is a method of applying pressure to these points using fingers, thumbs, and, sometimes, specialized tools. Reflexology encourages the body to… Continue reading An Introduction to Reflexology Read more
Originally recorded on March 4, 2022. What if you allowed yourself to truly FEEL? Whether it’s grief, despair, or anxiety, society will always find a way to label feelings as “messy.” But burying these emotions only leads to greater emotional upheaval. Bernardi teaches us that our darkest hours are disguised opportunities to uncover and process,… Continue reading Give Yourself Permission to Feel with Ashley Bernardi Read more
Acupressure is an ancient healing art that uses the fingers (one’s own or someone else’s) to press key balancing points, which stimulate the body’s natural self-curative abilities. Using the power and sensitivity of the hand, acupressure therapy is effective in the relief of stress-related ailments and is ideal for self-treatment and preventive health care because… Continue reading An Introduction to Acupressure Read more
Many people believe that there is a common energy passing through and connecting all beings. Called “prana,” “qi,” or “life force” in various traditions, this energy supports and sustains us. The more connected we are to this energy, the more radiant and vital we feel. When our connection to the life force becomes blocked or… Continue reading An Introduction to Energy Healing Read more
For centuries, both mainstream and alternative healthcare providers have asked, “Nature or nurture?” Which is the dominant factor in human development—is it biology or is it environment? Which has the greater impact, our genes or our experiences? Now, according to the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University, “Nature vs. nurture is no longer… Continue reading An Introduction to Epigenetics Read more
Time spent outdoors in nature is critical to physical and emotional wellness. Sunshine provides our bodies with vitamin D, essential for calcium absorption and brain function. It also raises the levels of endorphins in the body. A 2019 study found that 64 percent of respondents reported improved perception of “life satisfaction” after a 20-minute visit… Continue reading An Introduction to Forest Bathing Read more
In most modern cultures, it’s common for people to feel uneasy about death. We express this discomfort by avoiding conversations on the topic and lowering our voices when speaking of the dead and dying. We hire professionals to bury our dead and keep our children home from funerals, telling them that these affairs are only… Continue reading An Introduction to the Death-Positive Movement Read more
Are you searching for a way to cope with a mental health challenge or even with everyday life? Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is an effective approach for many people. CBT can help us learn to relax our minds and bodies while facing— rather than avoiding— challenging situations, relationships, and people. What is cognitive behavioral therapy?… Continue reading An Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Read more
Originally recorded on February 25, 2022. Calm is needed to maintain our health. With high levels of stress over a long period of time, the body breaks down. During these turbulent times, we need to get back to the calm, still center within. Through the practice of yoga, breathing, meditation, and deep relaxation, we’ll tap… Continue reading Cultivating Calm in the Chaos Through Yoga with Todd Norian Read more
The chakras are seven energy centers that span the entire length of the spine. The word chakra means wheel and, when they’re open and aligned, our chakras are always spinning. What can we do to keep our chakras balanced and unblocked, so that energy can flow freely and fully through them? A common method is… Continue reading An Introduction to Chakra Meditation Read more
Originally recorded on February 18, 2022. Nicole Miller guides you through a breathwork practice to cultivate energy through inner reflection. You will find that as you release old, stuck energy, you’ll make room for the frequencies that feel most authentic, freeing, and expansive within. Nicole holds space for deep healing and self-exploration. She knows in… Continue reading A Three-Part Breath and Body Transformation with Nicole Miller Read more
Originally recorded on February 11, 2022. Through the unfathomable intelligence of breath (Spirit), you are guided on a journey into your true being. You will be held and supported to access deeper states of awareness, wisdom, and emotional breakthroughs. The multi-faceted experience of this offering, incorporates conscious breathwork guided with music, and self inquiry, to… Continue reading A Breathwork Journey with Dorothea Barth-Jörgensen Read more
Originally recorded on February 4, 2022. In this class we talk about moving into calm and peace and how we find this in the heart, our connection with the universe, the importance of being centered and balanced, how thoughts/emotions create reality, and how to focus with positive thoughts/emotions through awareness & visualization to create a… Continue reading The Heart and Inner Growth with Julia Griffin Read more
Originally recorded on February 1, 2022 In our intense and interconnected world, many feel overwhelmed and even burned out. Healthy energetic boundaries can help us stay present and compassionate, functioning better for ourselves and those we serve. This class draws partially from Mara’s Shining Bright Without Burning Out course from Sounds True, with concepts based… Continue reading Energetic Boundaries and Burnout Prevention with Mara Bishop Read more
—an excerpt from The Inner Work of Age: Shifting from Role to Soul In Earnest Hemingway’s novel, Old Man and the Sea, a weather-beaten old man in a torn, sweaty shirt, with rough hands, drags his small boat out to sea, stepping off white sands into turquoise waters. Surrounded by other boats, each with two… Continue reading Retirement and the Return to Wonder Read more
—excerpt from The Remarriage Manual, Sounds True, 2020 “It took me awhile to get over my resentment when Tom lied to me about giving his daughter a credit card to use. Even though he didn’t mean to hurt me, I felt betrayed that they had conversations about our money and left me out.” – Danielle,… Continue reading Say You’re Sorry and Mean It Read more
—an excerpt from The Remarriage Manual, Sounds True, 2020      “We are best friends and talk things out. If there’s a problem, we discuss it and come up with a solution together.” Tara – age 49 After a quick phone conversation confirming a location at a nearby café, Erin and Ron, who you met previously, agreed… Continue reading Managing the Flames of Conflict Read more

What Holds You Back

January 26, 2022

It’s been challenging for me to witness the victim mentality that’s become popular in mainstream narratives. I’m a woman, person of color, and daughter of immigrants. I don’t perceive myself as a victim. My parents and grandparents experienced much more oppression than I ever have, including living through poverty and British colonialism in India and… Continue reading What Holds You Back Read more
Watch Ruth King’s mindfulness meditation session for helping professionals from the Re-Center Summit, as presented on December 17, 2021. Read more
Watch Ashley Neese’s breathwork session for helping professionals from the Re-Center Summit, as presented on December 16, 2021. Read more
Watch Donatella Moltisanti’s sound healing session for helping professionals from the Re-Center Summit, as presented on December 15, 2021. Read more
Watch Staci Boden’s guided visualization session for helping professionals from the Re-Center Summit, as presented on December 14, 2021. Read more
Watch Reema Datta’s energy healing session for helping professionals from the Re-Center Summit, as presented on December 13, 2021. Read more