Come As You Are with Arnold J. Mungioli

Originally recorded on April 8, 2022.

You are welcome to this event exactly where you are. There are no special tools required, but you can bring a piece of paper or your journal, and a writing implement if you like. Gratitude. Readiness. Openness. Willingness. These are the pathways to living the life we are given in a more fulfilling, more awakened, more joy-filled way…the tools that help us to GROW. And it’s fun! So, join us for an hour of awakening, some fun, and a few simple exercises that we hope will bring some joy and peace to your day! Welcome to a Celebration of All That Is!

About Arnold J. Mungioli:

Arnold J. Mungioli works as a casting director, speaker, teacher, and life coach. For over forty years, he has worked closely with luminaries of the theater, film, television, and entertainment industries throughout the world. Concurrently, he has been teaching on the faculty of the NYU Tisch School of the Arts for over two decades, helping to inspire and shape the hearts and minds of young professionals. In an industry temporarily decimated by the worldwide COVID pandemic, Arnold has helped to keep spirits buoyed through the creation of Grateful Ready Open Willing, or GROW, an online community that provides inspiration, coaching and support for creative people everywhere.

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