A Three-Part Breath and Body Transformation with Nicole Miller

Originally recorded on February 18, 2022.

Nicole Miller guides you through a breathwork practice to cultivate energy through inner reflection. You will find that as you release old, stuck energy, you’ll make room for the frequencies that feel most authentic, freeing, and expansive within. Nicole holds space for deep healing and self-exploration. She knows in her bones that when you look within, you will see your divine power. 

What one might expect to do during the class: 
During this time Breathwork will become a powerful tool for inner reflection. With it we’ll be able to cultivate energy to move around and rid ourselves of any stagnant energy that is holding us back from our dreams. 

The purpose/outcome/the why: 
Together, we choose to RISE STRONG with purpose, authenticity and love. To tap into our breath for deep healing, self-exploration and imprint our experience of living in our divine POWER.

About Nicole Miller:

Nicole teaches and empowers people to feel strong, safe, and connected to their mind/body/soul. Creating space for diverse communities to breathe together in unity and integrate healing modalities to step into their power, releasing stagnant energy, and bringing focus to everyday wellness. 

As a movement instructor, certified breathwork facilitator, and founder of Racemvmt, a racial equity platform, Nicole infuses these various modalities to cultivate a more equitable and conscious collective.  Through her own healing and awakening journey, she has found that breath is a path for moving energy in the human body, allowing tender hearts to release, and receive healing so inner wisdom, knowing, and deep reconnection can flow through.

You can visit Nicole at www.nicolehmiller.com/guided-offerings.

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