Re-Center: Mindful Meditation with Ruth King

Originally Recorded on December 17th, 2021

Racism is a heart disease, and it’s curable. The heart’s nature is to care, but our arteries get clogged with racial stressors like anger, fear, helplessness, anxiety, and apathy. In our outrage or numbness, we don’t feel our own pain, and it becomes easy to forget that we belong to each other. In mindfulness meditation, we reconnect with our capacity to care as we practice compassion as an anticoagulant to racial suffering; a treatment for our dis-ease in support of social harmony.

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More About Ruth:

Ruth King, MA, is a celebrated author, educator, and mindfulness meditation teacher. She is the founder of the Mindful of Race Institute, an organization advancing racial awareness and leadership through mindfulness-based education and group development programs.

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