Energetic Boundaries and Burnout Prevention with Mara Bishop

Originally recorded on February 1, 2022

In our intense and interconnected world, many feel overwhelmed and even burned out. Healthy energetic boundaries can help us stay present and compassionate, functioning better for ourselves and those we serve. This class draws partially from Mara’s Shining Bright Without Burning Out course from Sounds True, with concepts based in shamanism, psychology, mindfulness, and nature-based practices. We will engage both the spirit within and the spirit of nature all around us to build relationship, reciprocity, and resilience.

About Mara Bishop:

Mara is the founder of WholeSpirit. Her work includes Shining Bright Without Burning Out, Shamanism for Every Day, and Inner Divinity. Mara’s Enatured™ and Personal Evolution Counseling™ methods draw from shamanism, psychology, intuition, mindfulness, energy healing, and nature-based practices. Her courses and consultations help people connect with nature, develop meaningful spiritual practices, and find inner calm in our intensely interconnected world.

You can visit Mara at www.wholespirit.com.

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