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September 29th, 2021


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Redefined explores what happens when life’s biggest challenges lead us on a transformative search for what matters most. After recently facing a near-death experience, renowned humanitarian and author Zainab Salbi has been on a quest to understand the connection between who we have been and who we must become. As Zainab continues her own vulnerable search, evaluating and re-evaluating matters of her own identity, she’s reaching out to open-minded guests in this series of courageous, big-hearted conversations to ask questions about how we draw our inner maps and how to approach and perpetuate meaningful, intentional change. Redefined aims to uncover the hidden gifts that emerge from adversity, to discover the power of reinvention, and to learn from one another—establishing a sense of community so even our most intimate transformations never have to be experienced alone.

“I started calling people that I love and admire, asking them to share stories, not about their accomplishments, but about how they built their truest self.” —Zainab Salbi



Zainab Salbi (Host):

Redefined is hosted by me, Zainab Salbi, and brought to you by FindCenter, a search engine for your soul. Part library, part temple, FindCenter presents a world of wisdom, organized.

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Zainab Salbi (Host):

What’s most important about life? What is the essence of life?

Is it our jobs? Is it how much money we make or houses we have? Is it where do we go on vacations or how many social media followers we have? Is it family and friends?

As a driven woman, I have always prioritized my career. As a humanitarian and activist and journalist, I had given it a special priority since it’s contributing to the world.

And then everything changed when I was rushed into the ICU, as I was grasping for my last breath.

In that intimate moment with my heart on the edge of death, the question that came to mind was not, did I accomplish enough, or did I get enough acknowledgments for my work?

The question was, did I live my life in kindness to myself and to others?

Did I live my life in love to myself and to others?

In the days, the weeks, and the months that followed as I worked on my healing from what was eventually diagnosed as a severe case of Lyme disease, I started questioning how I lived my life.

And I started calling friends and people that I love and admire, asking them to share stories, not about their accomplishments, but about how they built their truest self.

That’s how the idea for this podcast, Redefined, came about.

It is conversations about what transformed people’s lives. What lessons did they take from those transformative moments? How do people evolve with consciousness and intention?

None of this is easy. It’s not easy for me, but these are conversations I want to have out loud, and in public, to show that we do not have to be alone in times of transformation—and to share stories, not about our external accomplishments, but our most inner, intimate journey to our heart’s center.

I hope you’ll join me and guests like Annie Lennox, Don Lemon, Marianne Williamson, Reverend angel Kyodo williams, Yung Pueblo, and many more for a podcast that means so much to me.

And I hope can be something valuable to you as well.

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Thank you.