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How Tess Holliday Changed the Body-Positivity Conversation | Badass Women | Instyle


Tess Holliday is redefining industry standards, unapologetically embracing who she is, and inspiring others. She set out for a modeling career and ended up launching a movement.

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Gracie Gold on Loving Her Legs that Were Once Her ‘Biggest Insecurity’ | TODAY Originals

Figure skater Gracie Gold says her legs were always her “biggest insecurity.” Today, she’s grateful for them and the journey they’ve taken her on. She also explains why it’s important to her to be honest and the response she’s gotten to sharing her mental health struggles.

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Iskra Lawrence Is Unapologetic About Her Curves | Fashion for All | Elle

Iskra Lawrence used to see herself as inferior. The images she saw in fashion made her feel like she wasn't welcome and didn't hold up to "model" standards. But, she didn't let other people's opinions - or a set of measurements - keep her from becoming one of the industry's rising stars.

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How One Woman with a Disability Learned to Love Her Body Through Dancing | Today Original

Tommy DiDario talks with Tiffany Geigel, a professional dancer born with a rare bone disorder. She never let her disability stand in the way of her dreams, and she transformed her disadvantages into her superpower.

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Disability and Body Image

Discussing what I think are the 5 biggest challenges that disabled people face in developing a healthy/positive body image and how I tackle them.

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Transcending Disabilities: Positive Body Imaging | Kim Lan Grout | TEDxUNC

One day in the grocery store, someone questioned Kim Lan Grout's ability to be a mother because of her leg amputation. In this talk, Grout explores the way we judge differences, and how simple it is to change the way we think about them.

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I Feel Sexy In My Disabled Body | Living Differently

Twenty-four-year-old Alex has spinal muscular atrophy, a condition that causes her severe problems with movement and means she needs a wheelchair.

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Do All People with Mental Illnesses Think the Same? | Spectrum

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Olympian Gracie Gold Gets Candid About Her Mental Health with Michelle Kwan | Thank You Notes

Michelle Kwan may be one of the best figure skaters of all time, but it’s her incredible resolve that made her such an inspiration to fellow skater Gracie Gold. In this video, Gracie tells Michelle: “You once estimated that you’ve fallen 131,000 times in your skating career.

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The Art of Mental Health Advocacy | Matilda (crazyheadcomics) | TEDxKI

How many people do you know who live with mental illness? With the ever increasing prevalence of mental illness come questions of what we can do to curb the growth of this global health crisis.

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An Alarming Milestone with Veterans’ Mental Health

A new report shows there has been a steady rise in veteran suicide that overtakes the number of soldiers who were killed in combat. Col. Michael Hudson joins the show to discuss possible solutions.

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