Crystal Jones

Crystal Jones is a former American chiropractor, now teacher, author, therapist, and women’s empowerment guide who centers her practice on cultivating brave space for presence to disrupt a narrative of brokenness and shift to internal power and wholeness. With a focus on women and the Black community, she works with sound therapy, personal coaching, touch, herbs, and movement in her healing sessions.

Dr. Crystal Jones Uses a Holistic Approach to Heal Mind and Body

A thought leader in the spiritual and physiological healing spaces, Dr. Crystal Jones is a multi-faceted healing facilitator who spends her days practicing the art of holding space and guiding others through the sacred process of healing.

Life and Work with Dr. Crystal Jones

My practice shifted tremendously. Instead of working with a client for an hour, I was now working between 4 hours and 2 days at a time with one person. - Dr. Crystal Jones

How Trusting Yourself and Awareness of Your Personal Power Can Lead to Healing

Dr. Jones strives to be a model of clarity, healing, and evolutionary truth for each of her clients, but most importantly, herself. - Kelley Raye

Spiritual Director Dr. Crystal Jones Is Cultivating Safe Spaces for Black Women to Recenter and Love Themselves

I am very particular about the use of ‘healing others’ as I believe that term creates a certain level of superiority that I find disempowering. When I chose to take responsibility of allowing myself to be fully revealed, I allowed the seed inside of me to be fully expressed.


Soundembrace Dr. Crystal Jones Testimonial

The SoundEmbrace Certification Program is unique because it not only provides Holistic Health Practitioners, Therapists, Healers, and Coaches the opportunity to gain education in the field of Sound Healing Therapy but also connects the dots of epigenetic factors, biology, psychoacoustics, and metaph...

Dr. Crystal Jones Shares Why She Believes Self-Care Is Something We All Must Embrace

Dr. Crystal Jones has impacted the lives of many in ways she may not even know she has. She is a helping hand to others and guides people though a sacred process of healing. Dr. Crystal Jones is admired for her passionate drive to help others in numerous ways.

With a Private Practice and a Wellness Production Company, Dr. Crystal Jones Is Challenging Black Women to Be Proactive in Their Healing Journey

Dr. Crystal Jones believes that WOC possess a special power if they tap into it. “When a black woman reclaims her power, she heals herself and when she heals herself, the entire universe elevates.”