Ann Druyan

Ann Druyan is an American author and Emmy Award–winning writer, producer, and director. She cowrote the 1980 PBS documentary series Cosmos, hosted by astronomer Carl Sagan. As the founder and CEO of Cosmos Studios, she also was the creator, producer, and writer of the 2014 sequel, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey and its sequel series, Cosmos: Possible Worlds. She was program director of the first solar sail deep space mission.

Cosmos: Possible Worlds

Based on National Geographic's internationally-renowned television series, this groundbreaking and visually stunning book explores how science and civilization grew up together.

The Varieties of Scientific Experience: A Personal View of the Search for God

Carl Sagan's prophetic vision of the tragic resurgence of fundamentalism and the hope-filled potential of the next great development in human spirituality The late great astronomer and astrophysicist describes his personal search to understand the nature of the sacred in the vastness of the cosmos.


Carl Sagan's Widow Ann Druyan on the 'Mythic, Biblical Power' of a Solar Eclipse | Time

The solar eclipse that will cross the U.S. on August 21 will be one more opportunity for us to take in the just-out-of-reach spectacle of space. Few people will be more equipped to understand its implications than writer and producer Ann Druyan.

. . . . We lived with a vivid appreciation of how brief and precious life is. We never trivialized the meaning of death by pretending it was anything other than a final parting. Every single moment that we were alive and we were together was miraculous . . . .


Comet begins with a breathtaking journey through space astride a comet. Pulitzer Prize-winning astronomer Carl Sagan, author of Cosmos and Contact, and writer Ann Druyan explore the origin, nature, and future of comets, and the exotic myths and portents attached to them.


Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan on Good Morning America

Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan promote their book Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors.

Beyond Carl Sagan's Cosmos: A Conversation with Ann Druyan

The creator of the new Cosmos television series reflects on humanity's long path toward scientific enlightenment in this conversation with Astronomy magazine.

Wonder and the Sacred Search for Truth: Ann Druyan on Why the Scientific Method Is Like Love

An invitation “to feel more intensely the romance of science and the wonder of being alive right now, at these particular coordinates in spacetime, less alone, more at home, here in the cosmos.”


Ann Druyan Talks About the Cosmos Mini-Series

This clip comes from Carl Sagan's Cosmos episode 1, "The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean."


Ann Druyan: Breakthrough Starshot

On the fifty-fifth anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s great leap into space, April 12, 2016, Yuri Milner was joined by Stephen Hawking at New York’s One World Observatory to announce Breakthrough Starshot, which will lay the foundations for humanity’s next great leap: to the stars.