Caroline Shola Arewa

Caroline Shola Arewa is an English yoga teacher, author, wellness coach, and humanistic psychologist. She is known as the “Energy Doctor,” drawing on the power of chakras and African mythology.

Opening to Spirit: Contacting the Healing Power of the Chakras and Honouring African Spirituality

The chakras are wheels of energy inside the body. This ancient system is often thought to have emerged from the yogic traditions of India, but in Opening to Spirit, Caroline Shola Arewa explores the importance of the chakras to the ancient Africans and Egyptians.


What Are Chakras? with Caroline Shola Arewa

This is a question I get asked a lot. They are energy centers. We have seven main energy chakras. They allow us to have a greater understanding of everything that was, is and shall be.

Caroline Shola Arewa: The Meaning of Life – Embracing Purpose, Passion and Peace

As humans we are meaning making machines. We have the capacity to reflect on life, to shape our lives consciously. We can be aware of every waking moment and what we are creating in it. We can live our Lives on Purpose, with Passion, in Peace.


Caroline Shola Arewa: What Is Energy Management?

What is Energy Management? - conversation with Olderhood Founder Bill Storie and Shola Arewa wellness expert


Caroline Shola Arewa: Making Life Easier

Conversation with Robin Trimingham Editor of Olderhoo and Shola Arewa wellness expert

Energy 4 Life: High Energy Conscious Living

Do you want more energy and vitality in your life? One of the major health issues affecting people today is lack of energy. Most people want enough energy and vitality to live life to the full. We don't want to feel drained, exhausted and stressed out all the time.


Thymus Tap to Raise Energy and Boost Immunity.

2 min powerful Energy Exercise with Caroline Shola Arewa to raise Energy, Boost Immunity and start your day on a high!


Courage to Embrace Your Bliss (Uncut) So Start Watching from 10 Mins.

Three powerful ways to Embrace your Bliss and live your Best Life.


Meditation to Manifestation on the Meditation & Mindfulness Summit

Meditation to Manifestation is all about releasing what holds you back and creating a life you love. The challenges that we face globally right now are also calling you to let go of negativity, release your passion and step into greater health, happiness and fulfilment.


Energized, Empowered and Living a Purpose Driven Life - in Conversation with Elyse Preston

Caroline Shola Arewa - In conversation with Elyse Preston


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