Community Transformation and Healing

When traumas affect whole communities, the methods used for healing and transformation can differ than those used to treat individuals. And while some collective traumas, like natural disasters or pandemics, seem to affect everyone indiscriminately, there are usually unique communities within larger populations who bear more diverse or intense consequences than others. Some communities face traumas directly inflicted on them by other communities or institutions of power. Like generational trauma, communal trauma can leave long-lasting and complex wounds among its individual members. The most successful path to community transformation and healing is usually one initiated inside a community, with the involvement and empowerment of the people most affected, and using methods and practices each community develops or is already comfortable with. We’ve started gathering valuable information on this topic, but haven’t yet curated the findings.

Healing the World Through Consciousness Exploration

This is in fact the foundational assumption behind our notion of universal human rights: we are all conscious, and thus we all have needs and we all suffer.

Perspectives on the Current Global Crisis: A Conversation with Ralph Metzner

A conversation with Ralph Metzner about his book, The Expansion of Consciousness, and his reflections on questions that touch on the most profound problems we face for our survival, our existence as a species.

Society and Consciousness

Is it possible to change the economy changing the consciousness of the majority?


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Social Justice